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We were at the presentation of Un’estate fa, the Sky mystery with a nostalgic flavour

We were at the presentation of Un'estate fa, the Sky mystery with a nostalgic flavour

The sun, the sea, the magical nights of Italia ’90, the carefree youth. What could go wrong in a summer like this? An unsolved murder, perhaps, which thirty years later comes back to shake Elio, a successful lawyer, destined to relive that tormented summer. A summer ago is Sky’s new mystery series which, jumping from the 90s to the present day, is ready to take viewers on a nostalgic and mysterious journey. The protagonist is Elio, played in his adult version by Linen Pillowand in the young one from Filippo Scotti. The man’s life is turned upside down by the discovery of the body of Arianna (Antonia Fotaras), his summer crush, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances the summer thirty years earlier. The discovery certifies that Arianna was killed and suspicions immediately fall on Elio, who at the time was found in a state of amnesia after the girl’s disappearance. For the lawyer it is only the beginning of an incredible journey, because the trauma will make him live an evocative experience, with a return to the 90s in the shoes of his young self. Jumping from one time to another, Elio will try to shed light on Arianna’s death and finally solve that mystery that lasted thirty years.

The Sky series has a marked imprint nostalgic, which winks at all lovers of Nineties atmospheres, while keeping the focus alive on the mystery to be solved. A fantasy crime with a cast exceptional, which counts, in addition to Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti, also Claudia Pandolfi, Nicole Grimaudo, Antonia Fotarasa, Anna Ferzetta, Paolo Pierobon, Alessio Praticò and many other actors. We went to presentation Of A summer ago in Rome, where we attended the screening of the first episode of the series (which will start on 6 October on Sky with the release of two episodes a week), and the press conference of the protagonists. Below is the story of the event.

One summer ago – The words of directors and producers

Opening the dance are the producers by Fabula Pictures, which speak to the spirit that animated it A summer agothe first series created together with Sky: “The wager main goal is to transport spectators, even those who didn’t experience them, to the 90s and it’s very interesting to see two generations of actors compared. Another important component of the series is certainly the soundtrack, curated specifically to build the atmosphere of the series. Filming took place in Ostia, where we recreated the campsite, in Puglia and in one Roma a little different, more cosmopolitan than other productions, in line with the European climate of the series”.

Then it’s up to the directors to speak. Before Davide Marengo: “I was looking forward to working with Sky because they have a very international production approach. We had a lot of fun, the writing inspired us a lot and the mix of genres and eras allowed us to discover great actors. The moment in which young people and adults met in reality was truly exciting and this theme of double that pervades the series is certainly fascinating”. Then it’s the turn of Marta Savina: “Being involved in this series is a privilege for me, following Davide was very interesting. Manipulating and handling so many tone registers was a stimulating challenge and is one of the strengths of the project. Finally, this double cast, made up of extraordinary actors, is truly one of the strengths of the series and one of the most interesting components of my work.”

Word then to one of the writers of the series, Valerio Cillio: “When the idea was presented to me I immediately catapulted myself into that summer, mixing the magical summer and the great pain was the basis of the series. Then we tried to maintain theequilibriumensuring that the yellow didn’t eat up the entire plot and in the end we kept a light tone”. In conclusion of this first part, there were also some considerations on the part of the Sky executive future of the series: “It would be nice to think about a sequel, but it would all have to be studied. Ideas can certainly be found if you want to continue the narrative. However, Arianna’s story ends this season, there will not be an open ending.”.

A summer ago
The protagonists of One Summer Ago at a press conference (640×360)

The words of the actors

At the center of the event were, obviously, the protagonists of A summer ago, starting from Linen Pillow: “They talked to me about this idea several years ago and I was won over by it. The idea of ​​mixing the cards so much interested me very much, also because I believe that the future of production lies in opening new paths, not breaking the already known ones. I found this willingness to undertake this challenge with great self-sacrifice exceptional, without feeling too burdened, and seeing the cheerfulness in tackling the work was nice. Face one experimentation with great authenticity is what I retain from this job”.

The young counterpart of Lino Guanciale, in the character of Elio, is Filippo Scottiwho spoke of his experience as follows: “Lino and I recognized each other at the beginning and we tried to build the character as best we could. The concept of returning to the past, but with the mind of an adult and rediscovering the simplicity and beauty of youthful feelings, is certainly very interesting. How much do I look like Elio? There are some similar traits, but it was necessary to work on different details.”

Then there is room for the female protagonists of A summer ago. Starting from Claudia Pandolfi: “Costanza (Claudia Pandolfi’s character ed.) he is a point of reference for Elio, but despite himself. She is a character I love extremely, she is a very strong woman, who has made mistakes, but has been able to get back up. What do I have in common with Costanza? Almost nothing, there is a life path lived, but with different choices and different situations. Ultimately, in my opinion it is not important for an actor to find traits in common with his character.”

Finally also Antonia Fotarasinterpreter of Arianna, spoke about her experience on set: “Working on Arianna’s secrets was very interesting. What struck me a lot about the series is the ability to tell how painful it is to lose and let go of a person we love, and we are faced with the question of whether it is right to let go of a loved one without knowing what happened to them. My relationship with Arianna? We have in common a passion for music, the sea and the company of friends.”

The passage on the nostalgia, the central theme of the series, on which the actors were questioned. Thus Claudia Pandolfi: “For me it doesn’t exist, I’m careful not to adhere to that feeling. There is the pleasantness of a memory, but the memory is necessarily something filtered by the adult mind, so I prefer to stick to reality”. Lino Guanciale is more cautious: “We need to handle nostalgia with care, I have to be careful with it because I risk lingering on it for a long time”. Finally Antonia Fotaras: “I believe that nostalgia is felt when you miss something, I try not to linger on it, but to take something”.

The press conference for the presentation of the brand ends here A summer ago, new very interesting product from Sky which will see the light starting from October 6.