Star birthdays: Pierce Brosnan and 60 red roses for his wife, double candles for Michael Douglas and Mrs.

Among Hollywood’s most enduring couples are Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. For his wife’s birthday the first made a very romantic gesture, while the last two also celebrated an unfailing love. The proof is on Instagram.

Who said that the stars of the cinematic firmament fly from flower to flower instead of placing at the center of their emotional universe a person to whom they remain faithful for their whole life? Of course, many couples break up and loves are born on sets that are destined to end with the making of a film or series, but there are many exceptions to the rule, as demonstrated Pierce Brosnan e Keely Shaye e Michael Douglas e Catherine Zeta-Jones. If today we talk to you about them it is because we were very sorry to learn that Hugh Jackman and his Debbie they are divorcing.

Red Roses for You: Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye

Let’s start with Pierce Brosnanwhich he gave to his lady Keely Shaye, for his sixtieth birthday, 60 red roses, and not little roses, but beautiful big flowers. The actor wanted to share her joy and devotion to her wife with the whole world and therefore posted a romantic photo with her on Instagram. Here is the caption:

Sixty roses for my brown eyed girl on her sixtieth birthday. I will always be happy that I was blessed to see you turn the corner early one morning in Cabo San Lucas.

The gentlemen Brosnan they celebrated their twenty-second wedding anniversary on August 22. For the occasion it was Keely to express their joy on Instagram, sharing beautiful photos of the wedding with their ex-ex James Bond.

Born on the same day: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Maybe not everyone knows that Michael Douglas e Catherine Zeta-Jones they were born on the same day (September 25) and have been celebrating their birthday together for a long time. In this 2023 he posted a beautiful black and white photo on Instagram in which he hugs his wife. “I wish you an extraordinary year” he wrote. “Wishing you a very happy birthday. With all my love, Michael“.

Catherine Zeta Jonesinstead, shared a black and white video with a montage of photos: Michael Douglas when I was a child, Michael Douglas with dad Kirkshe is Michael Douglas in tender attitudes, Dylan e Carys as children. Here is the caption:

It’s Michael’s birthday! It’s my birthday! Congratulations!

Michael Douglas e Catherine Zeta Jones they met in 1998 at the Deauville Festival. He was promoting Perfect crime and she The Zorro mask. He immediately asked his publicist to organize a meeting. “We met in a bar and I behaved like a perfect gentleman” – he said years ago in an interview, revealing that he had asked her, that same day, to Zeta-Jones: “Do you want to come back later for the nightcap?”. When the two met again, he told her: “You must know that I will be the father of your children.”

After getting officially engaged in Aspen, Colorado the following year Michael Douglas e Catherine Zeta-Jones they married in 2000 at the Plaza Hotel in New York, shortly after the birth of Dylan. In 2023, on Easter day, she was born Carys.

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