Squid Game: The Challenge arriva su Netflix! Trailer e data d’uscita del reality show (VIDEO)

Shortly after the release of Squid GameNetflix announced the production of a real reality show which had as its objective the organization of some games like the ones we saw in the series, but in real life. The enormous project involved the participation of 456 players and the highest prize pool ever offered on TV, i.e. 4.56 million dollars. Despite the premises and expectations, there were many competitors who – asking to remain anonymous – harshly criticized their experience. In fact, when interviewed by Rolling Stone, here is what a former competitor said: “It was without a doubt the cruelest and most difficult experience I have ever faced. We were treated as if we were in a horse race. They treated us like animals while it was freezing out there and the race was totally rigged.”while another former participant added: “It wasn’t actually a game show. It was a TV show and we were basically extras in a TV show.”

Squid Game: The Challenge is finally coming

Netflix promptly responded to the accusations, publishing a note together with Studio Lambertwhich co-produces the reality show of Squid Game, to defend the work of the show’s staff. Here we can read that “any suggestion that the competition is rigged is false, as are claims of serious harm to players.”. The streaming platform then added: “We have taken all appropriate safety precautionsincluding post-race assistance for each competitor, e an independent judge is supervising each match to ensure it is fair for everyone”.

The trailer of the reality show in question was recently released, where we can also see the official release date: on November 22, 2023. There is very little left, therefore, until the day we will be able to see this incredibly ambitious and atypical project. Meanwhile, the images show us hundreds of competitors in green tracksuits (exactly like in the series) who look in disbelief at the games they will have to undergo and who run to meet the famous “killer” doll. Furthermore, to complete the already disturbing picture there is also the typical childish dirge that we now automatically associate with Squid Game. So we just have to wait, even if we remember that a few months ago there was talk of an all too dangerous set, where contestants were left out in the cold and without support for a long time.

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