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Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8: interview on set with Chiara Russo (Maria)

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8: interview on set with Chiara Russo (Maria)

The Ladies’ Paradise 8: interview with Chiara Russo (Maria Puglisi)

Roll set of The Ladies’ Paradise 8in this interview with Chiara Russolet’s find out what happens Maria Puglisi, after the epilogue of the previous season. In fact, the young woman is increasingly launched as stylist. At the same time, he dedicates space and energy torelational and loving aspect. Finally give a chance to Lamantiabut this relationship is not the simplest…

You can find the video with the complete interview with Chiara Russo (Maria Puglisi) at the beginning of this article.

Vito and Maria tested by a long distance relationship The Ladies’ Paradise 8

Yes The Ladies’ Paradise 7, as mentioned, Puglisi gets closer to Vito. She is ready to leave for him – for the summer break – and travel all the way to Australia. If you remember Maria from the beginning, it’s a big step for her as a person, as well as a great gesture of love. This relationship, in general, did not start out as smoothly as possible. Thinking about the next steps ne The Ladies’ Paradise 8in this interview Chiara Russo, admits that it wasn’t the easiest. “Let’s say that Maria and Vito tried in every way to achieve serenityma it is a luxury that they have not yet fully experienced.

For his part Maria has moved beyond Vito’s initial lie and then they tried a little to reconcile and keep things in mind the dreams of both.” They subsequently find themselves living “this for a while long distance relationship. It’s not easy because a long-distance relationship isn’t easy, especially if we’re talking about distances, like – precisely – Milan – Australia. So, it’s not easy to take a flight like this, overnight”. It wouldn’t be today, let alone in the 1960s.

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It remains a fixed point (despite what we see in the first episodes of the season). Indeed, “there is certainly a strong feeling behind itwho never lose sight of trying to make this relationship work, even following this moment of physical distancing.” It’s a good basis to see what’s going to happen.

Vito and Maria “They are a safety zone for each other”

Chiara Russo (Maria Puglisi) in a scene from
Chiara Russo (Maria Puglisi) in a scene from “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: P. Bruni and Rai

In this soap there are many couples on which we would have bet and which then exploded. Are Maria and Vito temperamentally right for each other or are there some edges that they still need to smooth out? Projecting himself into it The Ladies’ Paradise 8in this interview Chiara Russo explains that “maybe they have to learn to know each other even more because they have lived together for months…”. Maybe it’s not enough.

It is true that “They have experienced important things together, but perhaps this is not enough to know each other 100%.” Basically “Maria and Vito, for each other, are one zone of safety, happiness and serenitywhich makes them feel calm and makes both Vito and Maria think that they have found the right person and can realize their common dream, which is to have a family and to build – precisely – a family, children and everything.” We are not sure that the comfort zone is necessarily a good thing: we just have to wait to find out more. Meanwhile, for a couple, having common goals is certainly a good starting point.

Behind the scenes during the filming of The Ladies’ Paradise 8

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Roll set of The Ladies’ Paradise 8, in this interview Chiara Russo talks about Maria’s serenity and happiness. The actress, on the occasion of the 2022 set visit, tells us that she has a wonderful friendship with Grace Ambrose (interpreter of Stefania Colombo, Ed.), who is not in the cast of the eighth season. In this round, she reveals some other gems to us peek behind the scenes. From the link with “Emanuel (Caserio, interpreter of Salvatore Amato, Ed.) always” to the development of the relationship with the actors who play the Puglisi (Massimo Cagnina, Gioia Spaziani and Silvia Bruno) up to the topics of the chats during the breaks!

Watch the full interview with Chiara Russo (Maria Puglisi) at the beginning of this article.

“Il Paradiso delle Signore” is a series co-produced by Rai Fiction and Aurora TV. The Daily 6 season will be broadcast on Rai 1 starting from Monday 11 September 2023 for the first time.