How many more films will Martin Scorsese make? “Until they pick me up off the ground”

At 81 years old, Martin Scorsese doesn’t miss a beat. During the promotion of Killers of the Flower Moon the director spoke about his future and how many films he would still like to make. The enthusiasm is there, but it’s best not to delude yourself.

There is a lot of talk about Martin Scorsese these days, and not just for the imminent arrival in theaters of Killers of the Flower Moon, which is scheduled for release on October 19th. The director has been noticed lately for his aversion to the top ten films, which he doesn’t like just like the Marvel comic films. Now, however, thanks to an interview published by the weekly GQ, we learn how many films he still intends to direct Martywho is not exactly a youngster.

Scorsese’s future according to Scorsese

We know that having turned Killers of the Flower Moon and for Martin Scorsese a dream that came true, because he had long wanted to tell the story of the massacre of the Natives of Osage County in the 1920s, and it is no coincidence that he put his two historical collaborators in the film, Robert De Niro e Leonardo DiCaprio. At the same time the director is fascinated by modernity and the technological revolutions that are making films increasingly sophisticated. Both 3D and the IMAX format intrigued him and, if you remember correctly, it was exactly that Scorsese one of the pioneers of digital rejuvenation (in The Irishman). However, this does not mean that he will have rhythms from in the future Woody Allen e Clint Eastwood, even if the love for the seventh art is still there. Here are the words of Martin:

I can’t wait to try new directions. I got this far, and it’s my job. And if I could find the energy, God willing, to make a couple more movies, or maybe just one movie, that might be fine, right? I’ve come this far. You keep doing it until… How much longer can I do this? I’ll be 81, I don’t know. I’ll try until they pick me up off the ground, what else could I say?

Scorsese has one of the most enviable careers in hollywood, starting in 1967 with Who’s knocking on my door. Despite his venerable age, the maestro has not lost his swing, and it is his own Killers of the Flower Moon to give us confirmation. However, we wonder what will give priority in the near future. Among his projects is the film about Jesus which he was confronted with Pope francesconot to mention The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murderwhich is branded Apple and marks a new adventure together with Leonardo DiCaprio. Finally there are the TV series taken from Gangs of New York and a biopic about Theodore Roosevelt. We hope you don’t leave out anything we’ve just listed, but it’s better to live day by day.

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