Friday, March 1, 2024
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A reboot of The Office is coming!

The Office: un video fan-made trasforma la sitcom in un film horror

After years of waiting and hoping, it seems that we are here: the return of The Office (in another form) is about to become reality. The series, which ended after nine seasons in 2013, received positive reviews for the plot, but also for the construction of the characters and the actors who played them. Over the years she has also won several awards, including a Peabody Awarddue Screen Actors Guild Awardand Golden Globe and as many as five Primetime Emmy Awards. For now there is still no formal announcement of the reboot, but it seems that we will just have to wait for the end of the Writers Guild of America screenwriters’ strike. Yesterday, in fact, an agreement was finally reached between the WGA and AMPTP.

The Office is coming back with a reboot

At the moment, many details of the project are not yet known, but as stated by ComingSoon it seems that the co-creator and producer of the series Greg Daniels himself will work on the aforementioned series. Who knows if even now, ten years after the last season, the reboot of the series will also have the same success. Despite some jokes that may not be particularly appreciated today, in fact, we know well that the numbers speak clearly: thanks to streaming platforms, The Office it was known and appreciated years after its conclusion, becoming one of the most loved comedies.

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As for a return of the series, we remember that already last year Craig Robinson had said his opinion on a possible reunion, expressing a certainly positive opinion. These are his words in this regard: “If they were like, ‘Hey, we’re having a reunion’ or something, I’d be like, ‘Yo, what’s going on? What is Darryl doing?” And if Greg Daniels is driving, then it’s going to be great.”. Steve Carell, who had been absent during the last two seasons of the series, expressed his skepticism regarding a hypothetical return. To find out more now, we just have to wait.

Soon we will be able to have updates on the reboot of The Office

Recently there was also the opportunity to discover some interesting background on the comedy in question. John Krasinski actually spoke about the audition he took to get his role, stating: “We went to auditions once, I did it with everyone. I remember the one with Rainn. We started doing this improv and as soon as we started, I started getting legitimately frustrated not only as Jim, in the scene, but also as John Krasinski that Rainn Wilson stole the scene from me. At the end of the audition I thought: ‘I’ll punch you in the face’”