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Un Posto al Sole 26 September 2023: Nunzio goes with Diana

Un Posto al Sole 25-29 September 2023: Nunzio and Diana together

Previews of today’s episode Un Posto al Sole

What happens in the episode Of A Place in the Sun in onda Tuesday 26 September 2023? The appointments of the new scheduled broadcast week for UPAS continue from 25 to 29 September 2023 premiered on Rai 3.

During these dates, of the long-running Italian soap let’s see the episodes 6281, 6282, 6283, 6284 e 6285broadcast every day from Monday to Friday from 20:50 about. Discover the previews of the episode below 6282 in onda Tuesday 26 September 2023 premiered on the third Rai channel.

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Previews of Un Posto al Sole episode of 26 September 2023

In the next episodes of the Italian soap on air Tuesday 26 September 2023 we are seeing a change of plans for Marina (Nina Soldano), now forced to accept the idea of Roberto (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli) to wait before involving the police in the search for Tommaso. The strategy of Lara (Lara Martinelli), in fact, could ultimately lead to positive results. Later Alberto (Maurizio Aiello) discovers that he has been deceived by Diana (Sara Zanier) and reacts with frustration, also taking it out on Clara (Imma Pirone). As if that wasn’t enough, the intervention of Niko (Luca Turco) trying to calm him down won’t have a good result. In the meantime, let’s find out that Nuncio (Vladimir Randazzo) is ready to do anything to forget about Rosella (Giorgia Gianetiempo), even distracting himself with Diana. We finally discover that Raffaele’s help was useful: Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri) I will be able to rent a room on the Terrace. Yet Renato (Marzio Honorato) doesn’t seem to agree.

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