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The Alphabet of TV Series – Stranger Things

Eddie Munson: the spark of Stranger Things

There are few TV series currently in vogue like this Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest and most profitable treasures. But also one of the most popular products of recent years, a saga capable of embracing many different generations thanks to a captivating story, capable of oscillating between science fiction, horror and comedy with great balance. With its first four seasons, waiting for the fifth and final, Stranger Things it has in fact managed to capture us thanks to an ever-expanding mythology, suggestive settings and elements that make its world alive and unique. To avoid forgetting important pieces of history or to refresh your memory on some of its key elements, we present a new episode of The Alphabet of TV Series theme.

Warning: in the following article you will find spoilers for all four seasons of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Let’s eat… Ahoy: Typical greeting from ice cream shop employees Scops Ahoy (a nautical themed place) inside the Starcourt Mall must address all their customers.

B is for… Mirkwood: Name given by Will, Mike, Lucas e Dustin to the woods in the suburban area of ​​Hawkins near where the Laboratory is located. The name is a direct reference to Bosco Atro, an elven realm present in it Lo Hobbit it’s not The Lord of the Rings.

C come… Casa Creel: This is a building considered cursed and haunted by the inhabitants of Hawkins after the family massacre occurred in the 1950s Creel, then owner of the villa. During the massacre, a mother and two children died and the father was accused of everything, Victor, who however always blamed this on a demon. The viewer then discovers that the massacre was the work of little Henry Creel (aka Uno/Vecna) endowed with dangerous and disturbing powers. In the 80s the version of the Upside Down of the House was controlled by Vecnawhich uses it as its base.

D come… Demogorgone

First creature from the Upside Down ever shown by Stranger Things. It is a monstrous humanoid-like creature with a face capable of opening in a similar manner to a flower, however revealing terrible jaws equipped with very sharp teeth useful for devouring prey. Without eyes, i Demogorgons they have a high degree of perception and have been shown to possess an irrepressible strength and a powerful regenerative factor. They have a highly developed sense of smell and, like sharks, are able to perceive the blood at very long distances. These creatures even have the ability to move between two dimensions

And how… Enzo: Name of an Italian restaurant in Hawkins where Jim Hopper e Joyce Byers they promise to meet for their first date. Following the disappearance of the sheriff in Russia, it instead becomes the code name used by the guard who Hopper use as a conduit, employ to communicate with Joyce.

F for… Byers Fort: Will’s favorite place: it is actually a fort located near the Byers’ house in Hawkins where it is initially thought Will may have hidden at the time of his disappearance; it was built by Will and his brother Jonathan the same day their father left, abandoning them.

G for… Tadpole: First phase of the life of the creatures that the protagonists will then call Demogorgon. We got to know an example of this with the little animal of Upside down tenderly renamed by Dustin come D’Artagnan,

H come… Hellfire Club

Name of the iconic Hawkins High School nerd club created by the adorable Eddie Munson which brought together enthusiasts Dungeons & Dragons. Some members of the band Eddie, i Corroded Coffinbut also Dustin, Mike e Lucas. The club is accused of being a satanic cult and of being responsible for the deaths of Vecna’s victims.

I come… Indiana: it is the state in which almost all the events of Stranger Things are set and where the fictional town of Hawkins is located.

L for… Laboratory: probably the most mysterious place in Hawkins. Used by the American Government as a base to conduct experiments on children with psychic and telekinetic powers, The Laboratory is where the accident occurs where Vecna (Number 1) kills all the children present except Eleven. It will be the latter who manages to drive the boy away, but in doing so she will create the first passage between our reality and the Upside Down.

M come… Mindflayer: this is the hive mind that controls all the creatures of the Upside Down as well as the main villain of the second season and takes its name from a creature with dangerous mental abilities present in Dungeons & Dragons. Such a being was discovered by Henry Creel and once you arrive in the Upside down, which he exploited and used to pursue his own objectives. It is a creature composed of self-propelled particles capable of controlling the creatures of his world and giving them orders.

N come… Nina

Name given to the secret project kept hidden in the Nevada desert by the US Government and managed by Owens e Brenner which aims to reactivate Eleven’s dormant powers by making her relive the memories of the Hawkins Laboratory Accident that the girl removed. The structure makes use of a prodigious sensory deprivation machine and many screens on which particular videos are broadcast.

Or how… Otto: Code name of Kali Prasad, Eleven’s step-sister and gifted with the ability to deceive people’s senses thanks to visual illusions. The girl managed to escape from the Laboratory before the Accident caused by One and she went into hiding, joining a group of young people on the run with whom she takes revenge on those who caused her suffering at the Laboratory.

P is for… Door: Name given to the rift between our world and the Upside down which is closed by Eleven in the season two finale, which blocks, at least momentarily, the power of Mind Flayer.

Q is for… Fifth season: Last and highly anticipated season of Stranger Things which promises to be one of the most important moments in the history of TV series. There is still no news about its possible release, especially due to the delays created by the writers’ strike

R come… Rainbow Room: Rainbow Room of the Laboratory Hawkins where the children in Dr. Brenner’s project were free to play independently. Terry IvesEleven’s mother, tried to kidnap her daughter from the room, but was captured and subjected to electric shock.

S like… Upside down

Stranger Things

This is a dimension parallel to ours, a variant of our world that can only be reached thanks to a door produced by immense energy that has opened. The Upside Down, compared to World of Shadows of D&D appears as a corrupted version of Earth where the air is made unbreathable by mysterious particles and spores. Its surface is inhabited by dangerous and fearsome creatures controlled by one Hive Mind.

T come… Tigers: Name of the Hawkins high school basketball team captained by Jason and of which he will also temporarily be a part Lucas. Members of the basketball team will chase Eddie and the other protagonists because they believe them to belong to a satanic sect and blame them for the deaths actually caused by Vecna.

U come… Eleven: Code name given to Jane Ives (later Hopper), protagonist of Stranger Things, child participant in the program of Dr. Brenner aimed at studying the powers of children whose mothers were subjected to particular experiments to give them powers. He has telekinetic and psychic abilities, he is able to perceive the presence and thoughts of even very distant people thanks to particular frequencies and/or sensory deprivation machines. Eleven is responsible for opening the Upside down.

In what… Matter: In Dungeons & Dragons it is the name of the setting’s greatest villain and, for this reason, this nickname is given to the terrible enemy of the fourth season who later turns out to be Henry Creel – One. Vecna ​​is therefore a human being with powers similar to those of Eleven who, after being exiled by the latter in the Upside Down, loses his humanity and is brutally mutilated by the lightning of this new reality. There, Vecna ​​manages to take control of the Mind Flyer and, by extension of all the monstrous creatures in the world. The monster is capable of causing distressing visions to those living with depression, and uses its abilities to kill them to create portals to Earth.

Z eats… Zoomer: role that Max would like to play within the party (group) of young protagonists. A zoomer is, from what we can deduce, a fast person who uses a means of transport (in this case the skateboard or the car).