Imma Tataranni 3, second episode: Deliver us from evil

Imma Tataranni 3, the second episode broadcast on Monday 2 October on Rai 1

But Tataranni 3, The second episode of the third season of the TV series based on the novels by Mariolina Venezia published by Einaudi will be broadcast on Monday 2 October. This procedural set in the spectacular Matera, returns for the third cycle of unpublished episodes to conquer the Rai 1 audience. The cast includes Vanessa Scalera, Massimiliano Gallo, Alessio Lapice, Barbara Ronchi and Carlo Buccirosso. Below is the plot of the second episode of the third season of Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor, by title “Deliver us from evil”.

Imma Tataranni 3 second episode, previews

After months of convalescence, Calogiuri returns to work but he is no longer the same as before: grumpy, irritable and – above all – committed to the obsessive search for the truth about the attack in which Saverio Romaniello lost his life. At Vitali’s request, Imma involves him in an investigation in Taranto.

Plot of Imma Tataranni 3 episode 2 “Deliver us from evil”

The body of a boy from Matera was found in the Laterza ravine. An apparent suicide that actually hides a history of drugs, jealousy and evasions. An intuition from Calogiuri puts Imma on the right path. Meanwhile, Diana has signed up to a dating app which turns out to be more disastrous than the other. The fact is that with Calogiuri’s return to duty she feels left aside. The same happens to Pietro, who once again feels threatened by the marshal. So, taking advantage of the invitation from Sara, the girl he met at the gym, he takes part in a crime writing course: an opportunity to share Imma’s investigations with full knowledge of the facts.

Schedule of Imma Tataranni 3, when it airs

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Starting September 25, the first part of the third season of But Tataranni it airs on Mondays in prime time for four weeks until 16 October on Rai 1. Below are the events to note in your calendar, subject to changes in the schedule:

Imma Tataranni 3 second episode in rerun

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In repeat, the episodes of the TV series with Vanessa Scalera broadcast on Rai 1 are available on RaiPlay, the public service video on demand platform which allows subscribers to watch the best of Rai programming from computers via browsers and in app format for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Imma Tataranni 3 second episode live

To watch the October 2nd episode, you can tune in to Rai 1 starting at around 9.25pm, or alternatively connect to RaiPlay at the same time to watch it in streaming.

Imma Tataranni 3 today’s episode

The live episode of the TV series set in Matera is available starting from around 9.25pm ​​on 2 October for the first time on Rai 1, or on RaiPlay.

Imma Tataranni 3 second episode in streaming, where to see it

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In streaming, the first part of the third season of the TV series is available – with all the episodes – on RaiPlay close to the premiere broadcast from 25 September to 16 October on Rai 1.

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