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Imma Tataranni 3: interview with Vanessa Scalera (Imma)

Imma Tataranni 3: interview with Vanessa Scalera (Imma)

But Tataranni 3: interview with Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni)

It starts on Monday 25 September 2023 on Rai 1 But Tataranni 3. With this interview with Vanessa Scalerawe discover some news about the crackling protagonist Imma who, once again, is dealing with new cases and a family-work balance to search.

You can find the video with the complete interview with Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) at the beginning of this article.

In the third season “Imma get more and more impatient” in the face of Calogiuri’s change

From left: Alessio Lapice (Ippazio Calogiuri) and Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) in a scene from the third episode of
From left: Alessio Lapice (Ippazio Calogiuri) and Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) in a scene from the third episode of “Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor 3”. Credits: Rai

After the twist in the finale of the second season, in the debut episode of But Tataranni 3 – as we reveal in this interview with Vanessa Scalera – Calogiuri wakes up from a coma. In his first conversation with Imma, Hippatius states that he remembers all the important things. However, he doesn’t mention it the feelings he has always had for his colleague. It can’t be easy for Imma to metabolize this news. At the same time, we know from the previews that the new cycle of episodes explores a lfalling back in love with Calogiuri towards Tataranni.

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In the episodes of But Tataranni 3 – says Vanessa Scalera – the protagonist – in this interview “he will end up with a – in short – different Calogiuri. Now I can’t specify too much, but (he will end up) with a person who has changed. He will become more and more impatient Imma because he cannot tolerate the fact that the boy is brilliant – however – who also supported him in the investigations, be so lunar.” It is a particular adjective that opens up many question marks. What does it mean?

Il “pleasure acting in every scene” by Vanessa Scalera with Massimiliano Gallo

However, developments are expected Imma and her husband’s relationship – played by Massimiliano Gallo – in this third season of the fiction. More than on the plot of But Tataranni 3 – in this interview Vanessa Scalera – says a few words about the colleague who plays the spouse. “Speak about (Massimilano) Gallo (who plays Pietro De Ruggeri, Editor’s note) for me now it’s like talking about a close friend. He’s a friend. Me and Gallo? I’m fine with him, I act well”, the actress begins. Then specify: “I all play well with Barbara (Ronchi, who plays Diana De Santis, Ed.), above all, with Alessio (Lapice, who plays Ippazio Calogiuri, Ed.)”. Returning to Massimiliano Gallo, he explains that we are two instruments that go together very well and, therefore, it is a pleasure to act with him. I feel the pleasure of acting in every scene. He’s a very talented actor, though it’s rare to see an actor who gives himself completely and passes the ball, sending you into a dunk. The one that is rare. It’s unique”.

The winning and unique card of But Tataranni

It airs on Rai Uno – at the same time as the third cycle of But Tataranni – Franco-Belgian fiction Morgane Detective Geniale. This series and Imma Tataranni have several points in common. They are both in their third season. Both Morgane and Imma are two women, who investigate and have points of contact both on a character level and even on a physical level, both having red hair. What makes Imma Tataranni unique? Vanessa Scalera plays on the strength of the team: “Imma Tataranni is unique because it is a series made by actors very good. Point. This is, beyond my character: however, my character – by now – is known, without those actors there it would probably have been different. I have enormous and very good scene partners. So it’s a team. If I score a goal it’s thanks to them.

And Imma rarely makes mistakes when he enters the penalty area.

Watch the full interview with Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) at the top of this article.

“Imma Tataranni” is a series co-produced by Rai Fiction, IBC Movie and Rai Com. Season 3 will be broadcast on Rai 1 starting from Monday 25 September 2023 for the first time.