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I know who you are, discovering secrets and intrigues in the TV series on Mediaset Infinity

I know who you are, discovering secrets and intrigues in the TV series on Mediaset Infinity

I know who you area crime and thriller TV series perfect for those who love intrigue and twists, from 25 September it is available for free in an exclusive preview on Mediaset Infinity with the first eight episodes.

Juan Elias (Francesc Garrido) is a famous criminal lawyer and university professor. Husband and family man with two children, Juan appears to be involved in a car accident. He remembers absolutely nothing. The discovery of the cell phone of his twenty-two-year-old niece in his car, who disappeared on the evening of the accident, does not help his position. Juan tries to prove his innocence, even though he is not entirely sure that he is not the culprit due to the amnesia that has struck him.

Francesc Garrido (Juan Elías) in a scene from the first episode of “I know who you are
Francesc Garrido (Juan Elías) in a scene from the first episode of “I Know Who You Are”. Credits: Mediaset Infinity

The gaze of the story remains fixed on Juan, in his internal and external turmoil. “I don’t know who I am” are the first words we hear him say. These premises – the search for one’s identity, the presumption of innocence and the mystery to be revealed – are the narrative trajectories that I know who you are travels, not without ambition, during its first season.

The first time we meet him, Juan is walking on a desolate highway. He staggers, completely uncertain in his movements, without an apparent destination. And this is how Juan will continue to wander in the episodes to come, delving into a maze of memories – some true, others perhaps the result of a sort of Mandala effect – which perhaps holds the key to Juan’s disappearance. Anna (Susana Abaitua).

His thoughts, as confused as they are intimate, capture our attention as if they were a vortex from which it is impossible to escape. Even in the moments of greatest confusion, life goes on and Juan can only try to keep up. Proof of this is the loud horn that distracts him from his lucubrations. He continues trying to get to who knows where, when he comes to a service station that might give him some certainty. We do not see the stranger who calls for help to provide for the unfortunate person.

“I don’t know who I am” it is a statement that easily comes into conflict with the title “I know who you are”. The sixteen episodes created and directed by Pau Freixas – also director of series like the original Red bracelets e Everyone lies – play precisely on the themes of identity, awareness and truth no longer as an absolute, but as a relative fact in which everyone is the hero of their own story.

Francesc Garrido (Juan Elías) posing for “I know who you are
Francesc Garrido (Juan Elías) in a pose for “I know who you are”. Credits: Mediaset Infinity

Juan seems to be dominated by his amnesia. At the same time, his brother-in-law Ramón (Nancho Novo) is determined to support his thesis: the fact that his daughter’s cell phone was found in Juan’s car shortly before she disappeared cannot be a coincidence. Ramón is certain that his “little girl” died at the hands of her brother-in-law and her reason for living becomes proving it.

On the contrary, Juan tries to bring enough evidence to refute his version. The real emotional hook of this story lies here: not even him, the presumed guiltyyou can be sure of your own innocence. Was it really Juan, and – assuming he is responsible – why did Anna disappear?

During the process, Juan face up Eva Duran (Aida Folch). Prosecution lawyer, she is also a former student of the accused with whom he also had a flirtation. The protagonist plays all her cards to convince her that she is the only one he remembers (“I know who you are”). However, Eva leaves the case, having a feeling that Juan may use her and their history to his advantage.

Aida Folch (Eva Durán) posed for “I know who you are
Aida Folch (Eva Durán) in a pose for “I know who you are”. Credits: Mediaset Infinity

In this context of taking positions and seeking the truth, the variable ofamore. The last straw is that Juan is married to a famous judge: Alicia Castro (Blanca Portillo). In addition to loving each other, the two have always been accomplices and sincere with each other. Now everything could change. It is to his wife and his two children that Juan must return on medical indication to try to find lost memories.

Can a family environment remind him of what a father he was for his children? If so, maybe he would look at the mission of Ramón with different eyes.

Anna’s case is not destined to find a linear conclusion: it is the fuse that explodes secrets of the past that both families considered forgotten. Between arrests, trials, flashbacks and a shocking final twist, I know who you are invites us to reflect on the importance of always being in touch with ourselves, without missing the opportunity to shed light on yesterday’s events, before – tomorrow – they become skeletons in the closet.

The first eight episodes of I know who you are are available for free on Mediaset Infinity. The remaining eight are arriving on October 16th.