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Domina 2×05/2×06 – Sacrilege and freedom

Domina 2×05/2×06 – Sacrilegio e libertà

WARNING: the article contains spoilers on Domina 2×05/2×06, the last two episodes available from Friday on Sky!!

No, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa he did not die falling asleep in a clearing while telling stories to his children, but in the throes of fever after a winter spent averting the Pannonian rebellion, so we anticipate criticism from history buffs who, in this series, would find more than one inconsistency . Domina however, it is a work of fiction, which takes inspiration from historical events that actually happened and tries to rework and fictionalize them, giving us episodes full of suspense and narrative material. The Sky TV series is reaching its final chapter, which will end next Friday with the release of the last two episodes of the second season. Domina 2×05/2×06 Talks about sacrilege and freedom, putting the two things in correlation, one as the origin and consequence of the other. Each episode of the series resumes chronologically several months after the previous one: we have arrived at 16 a.C.a year has passed since the betrayal and exile of Livia Drusilla and the power is still firmly in the hands of Gay, who however has not yet formally chosen his heir. Managing such a vast empire is starting to prove more complicated than expected, but Gaius continues to have the biggest problems within his own home: without a son, his heavy inheritance must be picked apart between nephews, godchildren and adopted children. And it is precisely in those margins of action left to everyone that the great game of power in ancient Rome was played. A game that sees Livia Drusilla still totally immersed in the network of secrets, betrayals and reckless subterfuges that ignite the political life of the capital of the empire.

Domina 2x05/2x06

Domina 2×05 begins with a sacrilege, which challenges Fortune and the wrath of the gods.

Sacrilege it is an ancient term, which already contains in essence the union of the sacred and the profane. It comes from Latin light sacra, which can be literally translated as the take away sacred things. Il profaner he is nothing more than a thief, a scoundrel who violates a sacred place to steal something whose value goes beyond the material aspect. The loot enriches him because it allows him to earn something, but at the same time he eternal condemnation, because sacrilegious hands are impious and sinful hands. Livia Drusilla commits a sacrilege, more than one to be honest. To know the contents of the will of Augustus, concocts a ruse to steal him from the sacred temple of Vesta, involving the priestesses and pushing them to violate their oaths. Knowing her husband’s wishes helps her gain ground and prevent future reversals in her face. The purpose that animates Livia Drusilla is always the same: to ensure that power passes peacefully from Gaius to one of her sons, the only ones capable of taking up their grandfather’s legacy and restoring the Republic. But in the line of succession, Drusus and Tiberius do not advance an inch, so it is up to her to conquer positions and lay the foundations for the future of Rome. And desecrating a sacred place is not an obstacle for the Roman matron. By blackmailing one of the Vestals, Livia manages to obtain Gaius’ will, discovering that it is to Agrippa’s sons that her husband intends to leave his inheritance. This time, however, her plan is discovered by Turkey, Livia’s ancient rival, who is ready to use the precious information against her. The High Priestess goes too far in her threats, so Livia has no choice but to cut her out of the picture forever. A Vestal must not be touched or violated, let alone killed. But if the question is of life or death, one sacrilege follows another, without hesitation or hesitation.

Livia Drusilla’s hands are covered in blood once again.

The enemies of Augustus’ wife fall one after another, at the hands of Ticone or a Chance that is a little too malevolent. Sacrilege thus becomes the only way forward freedom. Freedom from the tyrant, freedom from schemes, freedom from the excessive power of a single man who exercises it while holding the rest of the world in his grip. Yet, everyone understands freedom in their own way. For Livia, Drusilla would take shape in severing the threads that hold Gaius’ power together and in overturning the form of the State. For Drususfreedom has the flavor of glory and revenge, however Julio that of being able to choose who to love, however Tiberius freedom is essentially leak from home, from responsibilities, from the past, from the weight of an inheritance, from the fear of not being loved. Livia Drusilla’s children have finally grown up. Drusus has abandoned his youthful fervor and now his stepfather asks him to conquer Germany and give him a triumph comparable to that of Julius Caesar. But the boy has grown and become aware of his mission, perhaps even too much so. In a coded letter to his brother, he explains his plan to overthrow the tyrant and take back the Republic. Tiberius, on the other hand, confirms himself as the most tangled character of Domina 2×05/2×06. The past forcefully returns to visit him, keeping the score open with his mother. As a child, Drusus joked with his brother saying that inside Tiberius, there is another person. And Bad Tiberius which thrives in the soul of a boy who repudiates power games but is forced to navigate them with prudence and cunning.

domina 2x05/2x06

Agrippa’s sudden death shuffles the cards. Giulia she returns free and available for a new union, a new marriage with which to weave the plots of succession. Surprisingly, Gaius chooses Tiberius as a husband for her daughter, burdening him with a great responsibility, which Tiberius would gladly do without. But the game is still too intricate to be able to reap the benefits and prepare for action. Furthermore, the competitors in the field, despite Agrippa’s death, are still many and all determined to take what they can. Ben Batt he was able to give life to an ironic and dramatic character with the interpretation of Agrippa. A bit of comical line in Domina, if there is one and if it can be called that, it can be found in him and his humor. Loyal man, exhausted by years of wars, always fought alongside Gaius, Agrippa leaves in the least predictable way, accompanied by the pleasant sound of an enveloping and friendly nature, while in Rome the news of his passing puts everyone in turmoil. The time is ripe for real twist of the plot. Domina 2×05/2×06 has only prepared the ground to what will happen in the season finale. Some passages seemed a bit cumbersome compared to the liveliness of the first episodes. The love plots and rivalries between young people risk giving this historical drama the slightly distorted tone of a soap opera full of intrigue, tantrums and sentimental triangles. Iullo, Domizio, Giulia and Marcella sometimes seem trapped in their relationships and struggle to gain consistency as characters of a certain weight on the scene. There fragmented chronology it also doesn’t help keep the pathos on an increasing level, so Domina 2×05/2×06 Here it gives the impression of wanting to stall, and then suddenly accelerates with plot twists that prepare the viewer for what will be the dramatic season finale. For which, as we said, we won’t have to wait long.