Big Brother, Fiordaliso does not spare Massimiliano Varrese: ”Great strategist, he wants the Final”

At home we talk about Massimiliano Varrese’s ambiguous behavior towards Heidi and Fiordaliso has her say on the Big Brother competitor.

In the house of Big Brother there has been much talk about the courtship of Massimiliano Varrese towards Heidi Baci. Courtship which put Gieffina in clear difficulty and which was totally recanted by the actor in the last few hours. Heidi vented with Cornflowerwho believes that behind Varrese’s every move there is mere strategy.

Big Brother, Varrese thinks again and Fiordaliso attacks

The entrance to Cinecittà of the beautiful Heidi Baci created quite a few tensions within the house of Big Brother. Massimiliano Varrese he immediately expressed his interest in the competitor, trying to establish a certain feeling with her. However, Heidi distanced herself from Massimiliano’s courtship, which becoming increasingly tighter has put her in extreme alarm. Baci complained about Gieffino’s way of acting, admitting that she felt in difficulty and oppressed by unwanted attention, in particular because Massimiliano seemed annoyed by her refusal.

A few hours ago, however, Varrese has completely changed his mind and he revealed to Heidi that he didn’t want to court her, accusing her of having misinterpreted his words, taking them to the extreme. Gieffina vented to Fiordaliso and Ciro Petrone, admitting: “I told him let’s just put a stone on it. He’s annoyed, he says it’s not true and he takes back everything he said. He apologized to me, he says that he wasn’t paying attention to me and that there was a misunderstanding”.

The girl’s words greatly surprised the two gieffini, both of whom agree on the fact that Massimiliano is lying. Second Cornflower, in particular, the actor would do anything to aim for the final. “I mean he said you made it all up? That you went beyond thinking about him? But if he told you. He’s playing, he’s a great player. He’s been playing since he joined, not just with you, he wants to get to the final. He’s not good with me, he plays badly. It’s not good to be such a strategist, I don’t like it that much”, commented the singer. This will certainly be one of the burning topics of the new episode of Big Brother on Canale 5e Alfonso Signorini will investigate thoroughly to discover the truth.

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