Assassination in Venice still first at the Italian box office of the weekend, Oppenheimer’s performance is notable

While Murder in Venice by and starring Kenneth Branagh repeats itself in first place at the Italian box office at the weekend, in second place Oppenheimer has surpassed the 25 million euro mark.

On his second weekend Italian box officethe return of Hercule Poirot alias Kenneth Branagh in Murder in Venice maintains first position: it has collected another 2,020,000 euros, included in our total of 5,053,000, therefore now approaching the result of the previous Murder on the Nile (5,575,328, source Cinetel), but still far from the glories of the debut of Murder on the Orient Express in 2017 (13,058,240). Worldwide, the film makes around 137,300,000 dollars (source Boxoffice Pro), against a budget of around 60: it’s doing well.

Also stable in second position Oppenheimer Of Christopher Nolan con Cillian Murphy, after Barbie, the second phenomenon of this cinematic calendar year: 1,072,300 euros allow the feature film to reach the overall Italian result of 26,340,000, impressive also considering the contents and register of the film, far from the pure entertainment blockbuster. Bearing in mind that Barbie is at 32,006,000, one can imagine that Oppenheimer could come to us almost to tail him. Worldwide this biopic has reached 925,965,000 dollars (source Boxoffice Mojo), for a negligible budget of 100 at this point.
He enters in third place Gran Turismo: The story of an impossible dream by Neill Blomkamp, ​​fictionalized account of a true story, that of a boy who, a wizard of the video game of the same name Playstation, took advantage of a TV show that allowed players to compete on real tracks, with real cars. He became a professional runner. At the Italian starting line he travels on 1,026,000 in five days (in the world on 110,483,000, having cost around 60).

Horror slides from third to fourth position The Life IIPart of Conjuring Universe, with an Italian total of 6,140,000 euros (712,000 over the weekend): despite the good start, it seems that worldwide Michael Chaves’ film, currently grossing 204,200,000 dollars, will not reach the 365,500,000 of its predecessor . However, it saw a calibrated budget of 38 million dollars, ergo it remains a success.
He is at the bottom of the top five, having slipped from fourth place I am Captain Of Matteo Garrone: the odyssey of two Senegalese teenagers through Africa to reach Europe has proven to be a more timely work than ever. The public has so far rewarded the Silver Lion in Venice with 1,900,600 euros (676,600 at the weekend).

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