Amici 23, Matthew: Anna Pettinelli or Rudy Zerbi? Here’s who the rock student of the talent show chose

In the first afternoon show of Amici 23 one of the most convincing students was Matthew: this is who the rock guitarist and singer chose.

Amici 23, Matthew: Anna Pettinelli or Rudy Zerbi?  Here's who the rock student of the talent show chose

The school opened on Sunday 24 September school of Friends 23 with the assignment of desks. The first student was admitted Matthew, singer and guitarist with a rock soul. The boy was coveted by two professorsthat’s who he chose.

Matthew requested by Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi

During the first episode of Friends, Matthew has convinced is Anna Pettinelli that Rudy Zerbi, Lorella Cuccarini did not express herself, perhaps the boy has too much of a rock soul for the teacher who likes other sounds.

Al end of the episode aired on Sunday, Anna Pettinelli welcomed the new student into the studio by telling him “You don’t want to choose the old one?“, referring to Rudy Zerbi, the two started bickering again after the year’s break granted by Pettinelli, who had been replaced by Arisa last season.

Both the radio speaker and Rudy Zerbi they noticed the boy from the first auditions: “I am honored by this, I want to test myself and find out what I can do in the Amici school, this is my dream come true“, said the guitarist referring to his entrance into the school

Rudy Zerbi asked Matthew why he chose the guitar: “I like how you write, I like the fact that you play, because it mixes your rock vein with your current being. What made you choose the guitar?“. The desire to play the guitar came to Manuel, as often happens, at a concert, seeing a guitarist. Playing represented a lifeline for the boy: “I was lost, he saved my life. I was in total darkness.“. Matthew underlined that he has the support of his family in this new adventure.

Matthew’s choice

Both Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi see that Matthew has some great potentialboth would like him as a student now it’s up to him to decide. After thinking about it, Matthew decides to join Rudy Zerbi’s team: “You’ll see that we rock everything, you won’t regret it!“, is the professor’s comment.

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