Very true, Gerry Scotti returns to talk about Sanremo 2024 and reveals part of the cast of “Io Canto generation”

Gerry Scotti, guest on Silvia Toffanin’s talk show on Verissimo, clarified his possible presence on stage alongside Amadeus at the next Sanremo Festival and revealed the jurors and team leaders of the next edition of “Io Canto”.

Gerry Scottiguest on the talk show of Silvia Toffanin at Verissimoclarified his possible presence on stage alongside Amadeus to the next Sanremo Festival and revealed the jurors and team leaders of the next edition of I sing which will be called Io Canto generation.

Gerry Scotti to Verissimo: “I’ll see Sanremo from home”

A few weeks ago, the gossip went crazy about Scotti immortalized together with Amadeus and some clues that had left in doubt that the well-known host of Channel 5 could support his colleague and artistic director of Sanremo sul Ariston stage.

“I want to tell you that I will watch Sanremo from my home, but I won’t be at the Festival. Then, I would be disingenuous if I didn’t say that the thousands of positive comments I received, like Fiorello’s, filled my heart. I thank you all”.

The host then continued:

“Amadeus and I ended up on all the sites and all the pages of the newspapers just because two friends had a coffee together. I decided to tell you the truth. He told me about the pain, he is full of pain but who isn’t there? he has them at our age. In the second photo he asked me how much cholesterol I have. In the third photo, as a good Inter fan he is reminding me of all the defeats in Milan’s derbies. This year it’s something else. It took a lot to ask “We would have told you. By the way, do you know any hotel in Sanremo that costs the right price?” The photo was born as a typical tabloid newspaper paparazzi shot. In fact, my comment under the Instagram post was along the lines of ‘Oh God and now who’s going to tell Giovanna that you and I are having breakfast together?'”.

“From there a series of hypotheses were born, the most popular was ‘Gerry Scotti in Sanremo’. Imagine, Amedeo and I talked about everything in that situation: about children, about blood pressure, about cholesterol, about Milan and Inter, but I swear to you that the word Sanremo wasn’t even uttered.”

During the interview Gerry Scotti he also spoke about his upcoming commitments on TV including the new edition of Io Canto, the talent show which will restart with a new edition, Io Canto generation and whose protagonists will be boys between 10 and 15 ready for the jurors’ evaluation together with six team leaders who will highlight their qualities:

“The team leaders are a bit like the history of Italian music: we will have two senators, Iva Zanicchi and Fausto Leali, then Cristina Scuccia, Mietta, Anna Tatangelo. And to act as the common thread between what happened 10 years ago and this year’s edition is Benedetta Caretta. I will have a wonderful swear. Among these four judges, two are women: Orietta Berti and Michelle Hunziker. I am honored to have Mrs. Berti. I have always been an admirer of her. Michelle is like a sister to me. I’m curious to see her at work because Michelle is very passionate about music”

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