Men and Women, former protagonist reveals: “Have I rejected The Island of the Famous, Big Brother several times? I wouldn’t do it because..”

The unexpected revelation of the former commentator of Men and Women, Karina Cascella.

The new season of Men and women has now come to life. Interviewed by Libero Quotidiano, theformer well-known commentator Karina Cascella he recalled his long experience in dating show by Maria De Filippi and revealed some unpublished background information about his possible participation in other Canale 5 reality shows.

Karina Cascella: the words on L’Isola dei Famosi and the Gf

Karina Cascella she was one of the most loved and discussed protagonists of Men and women. Interviewed by Libero Quotidiano, the woman spoke about her experience at the dating show and revealed to have been contacted several times to participate in L’Isola dei Famosi. Il Big Brother? To date he would not even take part as a commentator:

When I was little, I must have been 19 years old, I did an audition and I also got to the end, it was absolutely my first experience in this environment, but they didn’t take me… The following year I took part in Vero Amore with Maria De Filippi, and from then on I became a commentator on Men and Women. So it went very well that way. To this day I would never participate as a competitor, I have also refused L’Isola dei Famosi several times. And I wouldn’t even be a commentator on GF, because the show, given how it is structured, wouldn’t represent me.

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L’excolumnist for Men and Women he also took the opportunity to have his say on the various television characters who have landed on the 0nlyFans platform:

I’m absolutely against it! I find it to be a terrible social network and that it sends out a terrible message for today’s kids, who think it is enough to undress and show off their bodies to earn a living. Zero sacrifices, zero attitudes, zero study: these are the messages that pass through. This is all truly obscene.

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