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Mare Fuori, Giacomo Giorgio reveals: ”Ciro Ricci has a very strong love for…”

Mare Fuori, Giacomo Giorgio reveals: ''Ciro Ricci has a very strong love for...''

Here’s what Giacomo Giorgio, the actor who plays Ciro Ricci in the TV series Mare Fuori, said about his character.

James George he experienced great popularity with the television series Sea Outsideone of the most loved of all time, and now he is on the set of the new season as well as involved in another drama Raithat is to say Doc – In your hands 3. Interviewed on the occasion of Venice Film FestivalGiacomo made some considerations on his character Ciro Ricci.

Mare Fuori, Giacomo Giorgio makes a clarification

Last guest Venice Film Festivalwhere he turned the heads of Mare Fuori fans with his innate charisma, James George he can say he is decidedly satisfied with the working year that awaits him. Giorgio, in fact, will be both in the new season of the beloved Rai fictionboth in the third season of Doc – In your Hands with Luca Argentero. Interviewed on the red carpet by Superguida TV, the actor spoke about how he experiences the success given by the role of Ciro Ricci.

“I’m very happy because when a person stops you on the street it means that it’s recognition for the work you’ve done, which is long work, it’s a game but it’s very serious, sacrificed work. I manage it well, I’m happy and I try to remember where I started from, my origins so to speak and there are no negative sides. Clearly it is a positive thing, it is clear that some aspects of your personal and private life change, if before I could go freely to any place, without problems, maybe now I can see where to go to feel more at peace if I am in the company of friends or other situations . But these are not the problems, the advantages of this success are greater”, he said Giacomo who after four years seems to be at ease even in front of the most meticulous interviewers.

Just talking about Ciro, Giacomo he told us what he thinks he has in common with the character and what he envies him instead. He asks an insidious question given that, although he is just a boy, in the fiction Ricci is the heir to a first-rate Camorra gang, therefore a difficult character with whom to associate completely. “It is clear that with all the characters that an actor plays there are things in common or you have to go and find them. I won’t tell you what I will have in common with Ciro Ricci. What do I envy? I envy him, which was also his fatal mistake, that he has a very strong love for this wrong family. This is fundamental in life, having attachment to the family and to the origins, but we need to understand what type of origins and family it is. In the case of Ciro, which is also the message of the series, what it wants to tell, the family led him to undertake the life he then lived“.