Giorgia Soleri returns to talk about the end of the love story with Damiano from Maneskin: ”Kick in the c**o and tears”

Giorgia Soleri comments with her fans on her state of mind after the end of the long relationship with Damiano David, leader of Maneskin.

After more than five years of love, many romantic moments shared together and glimpses of their private life, also made up of home and cats, given in small doses to their many fans, Giorgia Soleri e Damiano David they are are left. The influencer, after having moved permanently, told how she is managing the end of the relationship and how he tries to overcome it as best he can.

Giorgia Soleri, what she thinks of the breakup with Damiano

While her ex-boyfriend rejoices after having achieved another very important record, taking home the prize in the Best Rock category at the latest MTV Video Music Awards, beating some of the most iconic bands of all time such as Muse and huge favorites For Fighters, Giorgia Soleri is focusing her energy on starting her new life after the abrupt breakup with Damiano Davidthe leader of the Maneskin. The well-known influencer, between one project and another to make visible some of the most painful pathologies linked to women and often left in the background, has returned to talking about the breakup.

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Giorgia recently moved, leaving the house that she shared with the musician for years but did not let herself be discouraged by this. Talking to some loyal fans on InstagramIn fact, Soleri wanted to give some advice to those who are experiencing the same situation as her, and to those who asked her how to overcome it. “With discreet ass kicks, some moments of solitude, many tears and an unquantifiable dose of strength. But I swear: it’s worth it. And then it will also be nicer to be with other people (…) You are not without your person, you still have the most important one: you. Hug yourself and welcome even this painful moment. It will be wonderful to take your hand and accompany you towards the light“, he wrote Soleri.

The influencer, recently back on the small screen with reruns of Beijing Express free-to-air on TV8then joked about the drastic change in his life, writing: “I who think that luckily I have an ascendant and moon in Gemini otherwise my sun in Capricorn, which hates changes, do you know how I would have taken the end of a relationship lasting more than five years and a move in the space of six months?”. In the meantime it seems that Damiano already has a new relationship, but the singer is keen not to come out completely in the open, who knows, maybe he himself doesn’t believe too much in this new love or does he want to protect his new flame from further gossip?

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