Friends, Anna Pettinelli no longer hides it: he is the New Flame!

Anna Pettinelli, back as singing teacher of the new edition of Amici, reveals that she has a new love.

After a difficult year, Anna Pettinelli she’s smiling again and, according to what the singing teacher of Amici, not just on a professional level. Here’s what the radio speaker revealed about hers new flame.

Friends, Anna Pettinelli finds love again

Anna PettinellI went back to being one of the singing teachers at the school Amici and couldn’t be happier. After a year away from Canale talent show 5, in fact, Anna felt the lack of her role and the format and therefore welcomed with open arms the request of Maria De Filippi, who wanted her instead of Arisa. For Pettinelli, the past year has been an intense one not only from a work point of view.

The bubbly radio speaker received a bad love beating from her ex Stefano Macchi, who after a long love affair left her and quickly became the father of a splendid child, but as she confesses to Nuovo TV she is now ready to return to the field in matters of love. “I had a disappointment but I met a special person so I went back to believing in love. (…) We have been together for four months. There is a lot of physical attraction between us and everything is perfect. It’s time for honey and sugar. In short, it is a perfect period for us”. This is the open-smile confession of Annawho seems really into her new relationship.

Some people thought it might be Andrea Di Carlo, Arisa’s ex-boyfriend, but she reassures that their relationship is one of simple friendship and complicity, and therefore he is not her new mysterious love. Meanwhile, in the world of Friends, fans are in turmoil. Nunzio Stancampiano and Cosmary Fasanelli have broken up in the worst way and he continues to throw ever more weighty and eloquent digs at the dancer.

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