Matrix: the collection box set with 4 4K Ultra-HD + Blu-Ray films has dropped in price on Amazon, what are you waiting for?

An unmissable Matrix collection is on offer on Amazon; what better opportunity to catch up on all 4 films in one of the best visual formats possible?

Matrix: the collection box set with 4 4K Ultra-HD + Blu-Ray films has dropped in price on Amazon, what are you waiting for?

You got it right, come on Amazon it is possible to recover the collection of the Matrix including all 4 films 4K Ultra-HD + Blu-Ray. It is currently available on the site for €24.77, with a 15% discount on the base price. If interested, go to the box below.

Matrix fans won’t believe their eyes when faced with a collection like this, perfect both for brushing up on the series in style and as a gift idea for those who have never seen the films of Wachowski sisters, which as a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. The incredible quality of the images perfectly reflects the greatness of a saga still studied in depth by enthusiasts and experts, allowing you to relive in your own home what the films have represented and still continue to represent today.

Matrix in 4K at home

When we talk about the Matrix, obviously, we are also talking about cinema history. The greatness of this saga, with its ups and downs, lies in the gigantic technical and narrative contribution which has shaken up the very way of making films, and the possibilities of the cinematic medium. Not just amazing special effects, but very profound reflections philosophical which it is still good to think about today, given their highly current nature. We are talking about a handful of indelible films, which in some situations have divided the public and critics, continuing to fuel a series of myths that have rightfully entered the pop imagination of all eras.

The world of the Matrix itself is something so crazy and at the same time “achievable” to leave you speechless every time you stop to reflect on it and think about its possibilities of implementation. It is precisely from this fascination beyond the screen that the great success of the films themselves derives, capable of living on its own energy and even detached from the dimension to which it belongs. This is thanks to the fans who are still madly enraptured and in love with the story of Neo (Keanu Reeves).

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If you too are an unshakable fan of the Matrix, then don’t miss the opportunity to recover this collection.

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