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Friends 22, Wax and Giulia Stabile spotted together on several occasions!

Friends 22, Wax and Giulia Stabile spotted together on several occasions!

The former finalist of Amici 22, the singer Wax, has been spotted on more than one occasion with another well-known former student of the talent show, Giulia Stabile. Here’s the latest rumor about them!

Among the former finalist of the talent show Canale5 Amici 22, Waxand the former winner of the twentieth edition of Amicithe dancer Giulia Stabile, is there perhaps something tender? The two have been spotted together on several occasions, fueling rumors of a possible relationship between them.

Friends 22, are Wax and Giulia Stabile a couple?

Giulia Stabile she recently became single again, after breaking up with Sangiovanni, another former student of the program hosted by Maria De Filippi. And, since then, there has been no shortage of reports of her being in the sweet company of Wax. Arisa’s student stood out in the program Amici for his unique singing style, but also for the arrogance of his ways and his not always easy-going character, which caused some discussion with his other companions. The only one who really seemed to understand him was Angelina Mangowith which Wax had formed a fond friendship. However, according to some recent statements by the singer, it seems that between him and the runner-up of Amici relations have broken down completely.

The singer, however, has been seen in the company of for several months Giulia Stabile: the couple of former talent students also ended up at the center of a controversy when a fan declared that, while she was in the company of the singer, Giulia he refused to sign an autograph and take photos together. To date, however, neither of them has released any statements on the matter: in the meantime, Deianira Marzano has published a new report showing the two boys together, hugging and dancing.

Although the photo expresses a lot of tenderness and complicity between the former students of the program, according to the gossip between the two there is nothing but friendship:

“There’s only a beautiful friendship”

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