What are Martin Scorsese’s favorite films? The director’s surprising response

Martin Scorsese is back: his new film, which strengthens the successful partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, will arrive in cinemas worldwide on October 19th. It will be called Killers of the Flower Moon and inspired by David Grann’s novel, will tell the shocking true story of the murders that struck the Native American population of the Osage region in the 1920s. The film, which will certainly be the protagonist of the next award ceremonies, boasts a super cast full of big names: in addition to Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone, Jesse Plemons, John Lithgow and Brendan Fraser will be there. Considered one of the best directors of New Hollywood, Martin Scorsese is one of the most authoritative voices in cinema today. For this reason, it is very interesting for the cinephile community to discover which cinematographic works he considers most valuable.

What are Martin Scorsese’s favorite films? A journalist from Time Magazine posed this interesting question to the director.

Surprisingly for the director, who directed cult films such as Taxi Driver o Those good guys, it is not easy to draw up a list of the films he appreciated most. He explained that, in his opinion, there are many reasons why a film can affect him and so he can’t identify his 10 favorite films of all time. Here’s what he said in a video published on social networks and recorded during his interview for the Time Magazine:

Over the years I tried to think of a list of movies that might be my favorites, whatever that means. But I realized that the word ‘favorite’ has several meanings. It can indicate the films that have affected you the most, or the films that you continue to watch again, or even those from which you learn something every time you see them again, or those that represent a new experience for you every time. Since it’s an ever-changing meaning, I’m against compiling a top 10.”

Pressed by the journalist, Martin Scorsese talked about some films that have influenced his life and career more than others. He cited two authentic masterpieces by Stanley Kubrick come 2001: A Space Odyssey e Barry Lyndon. He also wanted to pay homage to the genius of Orson Welleswhich also inspired him to shoot a scene for his new film Killers of the Flower Moon. Among the films of his favorite director he listed Falstaff, The Trial and naturally Fourth Estate. In particular he praised the work that Welles did with the latter:

Citizen Kane changed my life, without a doubt. He broke all the rules. And one of the most important things Welles taught me with that film is that the best element you can bring to the art of cinema is ignorance. When they tell you, ‘You can’t do it.’ Why not? Find a way to accomplish what you think you are capable of accomplishing.”

Martin Scorsese’s new film Killers of the Flower Moonwhich will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, is about to arrive in cinemas: on October 19th it will be released in theaters all over the world.

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