Upload: Two Nathans for Nora in the official trailer for season 3

Prime Video’s most beloved comedy will return to streaming on October 20th.

Two Nathans for one Nora? A tempting fantasy to say the least for the assistant played by Andy Alloas shown in official trailer of the third season of Upload just released by Prime Videowaiting for the new episodes to arrive on the platform on October 20th, two every Friday until November 10th.

Upload: What awaits us in season 3

Last time, the Nathan’s Robbie Amell and his customer service “angel”, Nona, had confessed their feelings for each other, but he had suffered a worrying nosebleed after he, tired of the crystallized life of Lakeview, had downloaded his way back to life using a experimental practice. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), had recovered one of her hairs from an old comb, to use to conceive a child, while Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) had begun restoring Nathan’s backup after noticing that he had disappeared from Lakeview.

In season 3 of the sci-fi comedy Greg Daniel, things seem to be going well for the two, who navigate their relationship as they race to stop the mysterious conspiracy that threatens to destroy millions of lives. Will they be able to close Freeyond and finally have a life together? Or is it just a matter of time before Nathan’s head explodes? Meanwhile, in Lakeview, a backup copy of Nathan has been activated and while he wonders if this is identity theft, Ingrid has no intention of letting this second chance at love slip away since this version doesn’t remember having broke up with her. And, as you can see, Ingrid might not be the only one taking advantage of the situation, given Nora’s curiosity.

In the real world, Aleesha rises through the ranks of Horizen managing AI education while becoming involved in a new romantic relationship. Luke (Kevin Bigley), all alone in Lakeview, is forced to find the funds to pay for his stay in paradise, ending up working in the Gray Zone.

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