The Ladies’ Paradise 8, who goes to visit Marcello?

The Ladies’ Paradise 8, who goes to visit Marcello?

In the previews of episodes 16-20 of The Ladies’ Paradise 8 continues the storyline of Matteo and Marcello. The latter has just discovered that he has a half-brother and it is not at all easy to deal with news that he initially questions. Neither The Ladies’ Paradise 8who goes to visit Marcello, as the previews of the above block reveal?

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, who is the unexpected visit for Marcello from?

Pietro Masotti (Marcello Barbieri) in a scene from episode 8 of
Pietro Masotti (Marcello Barbieri) in a scene from episode 8 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: Rai

There are many hypotheses that make logical sense in light of watching the episodes of the soap on Rai 1 and streaming on RaiPlay. Let’s go in order.

The Ladies’ Paradise 8, does Matteo go to Marcello unexpectedly?

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The first person who comes to mind for this unexpected visit is himself Matteo. In fact, despite the initial clashes, Marcello made the decision to help his brother. Adelaide’s partner thinks that organizing a dinner for Matteo is a good idea. Among the guests there is also Maria, with whom the young newcomer already has a complicated relationship. Matteo tells his mother that he wants to sever all ties with his brother. Adelaide now has a very important specific weight in Barbieri’s life. We imagine that the Countess’s push to convince Marcello not to miss any opportunity to recover a relationship with Matteo is not indifferent. Maria herself works hard to track down Matteo and put him in contact with Salvatore’s partner. Consequentially, the visit could be from Matteo; although it would not be so “unexpected”.

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The second hypothesis is that it is Angelathe sister of Marcello (and Matteo). It would make sense, given that the girl was already brought up on the phone and she proved to be fundamental in finding the letter from Matteo’s mother…

We have a doubt that we will clarify immediately: we are not certain that Maurizio Barbieri is still alive. From the dialogues of the two brothers and Marcello with Armando and Salvatore we have some uncertainty in this regard. If it were, however, we cannot exclude that – after Marcello’s discovery of Matteo’s existence – the man does not go to visit his “legitimate” son.

Perhaps the simplest hypothesis will turn out to be the right one, but let’s not imagine too big!

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