Sex Education 5 will not be there: This is why the fourth season is the last

Sex Education ends after four seasons, despite being one of the most loved and followed series on Netflix: we explain the reasons for this decision.

Saying goodbye to your favorite series is always difficult, but it’s even more difficult when a teen drama ends, because we remain strangely more fond of series of this genre. Seeing the characters grow and then having to say goodbye always leaves a bad taste in the mouth and this is no exception Sex EducationBritish dramedy created by Laurie Nunn and has now reached his fourth and final season. Closing a successful series, which in just a few years has become a point of reference for Generation Z, was not an easy decision for the creator. But, for several reasons, it seemed like the right decision for her. That’s what she pushed Netflix to write the final word to this story and why the fifth season of Sex Education There will not be.

Sex Education: Why it ended with season 4

The creator of Sex Education he had a lot of courage to admit that a teen series, no matter how successful, cannot continue forever. Once high school is over, there are few possible paths: transforming the series into something else, introducing a new generation of characters or ending on a high note by trying to write the best ending possible. Laurie Nunn chose the latter option, as she explained in a letter addressed to the fans. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but as the themes and stories of the new season crystallized, it became clear that this was the right time for the characters to graduate. Goodbyes are the worst thing, but let’s celebrate all the good times we had together,” she wrote. However, the screenwriter left the door open to possible spin-offs of Sex Education. “I’m definitely taking a break and thinking about other things. But Moordale is a really rich world and writing about teenagers is always a lot of fun. So I think there’s always potential to explore that world more,” Nunn said in a recent interview for Netflix Tudum.

Sex Education

The series finale, however, is quite satisfying. The showrunner was able to give a worthy epilogue for each character (although penalizing some) and the length of the episodes of the fourth season – at least 50 minutes, up to a final series of 1 hour and 20 minutes – allowed her to close all the storylines with coherence. Of course, the impression is that – perhaps – things were adjusted along the way, given that technically we don’t even see the protagonists’ diplomas on the screen. The reason is simple: the cast is taking other paths and Nunn didn’t want to distort the series by giving up some of the most beloved protagonists.

Where will we see the Sex Education actors?

Already during the filming of Sex Education 4 news leaked about other important commitments of the actors. Emma Mackey (Maeve) e Dear friend (Eric), for example, last February they made it known that they would not be in a hypothetical fifth season. Sex Education it definitely brought luck to their careers as, after the Netflix series, they took off. The two, in addition to having acted together with their colleague Connor Swindells in the blockbuster film Barbieare now projected towards new exciting projects: Gatwa has been chosen to interpret the new one Doctor Who in the BBC sci-fi series of the same name, Mackey shot the film Hot Milkbased on the book of the same name and directed by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. The interpreter of Otis Asa ButterfieldInstead, we will see him in the sequel to the Christmas romantic comedy Your Christmas Or Mine your Prime Video. Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee), finally, has signed on to star in the new British Netflix series Toxic Townwhere we will see her act alongside other popular British actors such as Jodie Whittaker, Brendan Coyle e Robert Carlyle.

Everything Now è la prossima Sex Education?

If you already feel orphaned by Sex EducationHowever, we would like to point out the arrival of a new British teen dramedy on Netflix, which perhaps will be able to fill the gap. Is titled Everything Nowarrives on October 5 and revolves around Mia, a 16-year-old who creates a list of things to do before finishing high school, after being away from school for a while, to cure her eating disorder.

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