Rome Film Festival 2023, from Paola Cortellesi to Suburraeterna: “An event for spectators”

Paola Malanga and Gianluca Farinelli tell us about the program – full, as always – of the Rome Film Festival 2023, which turns 18 this year. “An important milestone, dedicated to Giuliano Montaldo”.

Rome Film Festival 2023, from Paola Cortellesi to Suburraeterna: 'An event for spectators'

Cloudy skies, sky-high heat – even in September – and the stage still set up in the center of the Cavea, after a summer of great concerts, in one of the most evocative corners of Rome: the Auditorium Parco della Musica. A corner that, for eighteen years, has been the setting for the capital’s cinematographic event par excellence, which has arrived at “major age”. An anniversary to celebrate, so he thinks about it directly Gianluca FarinelliPresident of the Cinema per Roma Foundation, to present the program of the Rome Film Festival 2023 (October 18-29), of which will be close partner. First, however, a tribute, and a memory. “This festival is dedicated to Giuliano Montaldo, a great human being”and continues: “A widespread celebration, from Via Veneto to the Adriano, this is the celebration of the whole city. A program rooted and projected into the future. We take you to 1958, with Callas in Paris. Then there will be documentaries on cinema, and then the restorations, and many tributes”.

There's More Tomorrow Paola Cortellesi Sep

There’s still tomorrow: Paola Cortellesi on the set of the film

To speak up, Paola Malangaartistic director, who immediately remembers the appointments of Sea Outside e The Boy and the Heron by Miyazaki, in agreement with Alice in the City. “A party and a festival, with a competition that includes 18 titles, in which we find many first works. I’ll mention a few titles: Black Box by Asli Ozge, and then Paola Cortellesi with C’è Ancora Tomorrow, the opening event, and films that we will adopt. Or the grotesque La Ereccion de Torbidio Bardelli. Then Fremont by Babak Jalali, co-written by Carolina Cavalli”. Beyond the competition, the Best-Of section which includes the best of international festivals. Any examples? La Chimera by Alice Rohrwacher o Past Lives by Celine Song. An opportunity to highlight great films to the public and distributors.

Lifetime Achievement Awards. And then the music

Isabella Rossellini in the film The Saddest Song in the World

Isabella Rossellini in the film The Saddest Song in the World

At the Rome Film Festival 18th edition there will then be i Lifetime Achievement Awards. “Isabella Rossellini will spend a lot of time with us. She represents many women in a festival that also shares a strong female presence. Women who have the courage to get back into the game. Paola Cortellesi, Margherita Buy directing, Giovanna Mezzogiorno with a short film”. Another protagonist of the Rome Film Festival is music. “The other lifetime achievement award goes to the composer Shigeru Umebayashi. Music surrounds us, and we are happy about it. We have already announced Zucchero, or a trip to Naples that opens with a piece by Clementino”.

Rome 2023: The Boy and the Heron by Hayao Miyazaki and Diabolik 3 scheduled

The routes of the Festival. Up to Rome

Another path, dystopia and reality. Films that seemed like science fiction, and instead rooted in the present like I told you by Ginevra Elkann. Cinema, but also series and documentaries. The doc The Painter by Fabiana Sargetini or Shakespeare King of Naples by Ruggero Cappuccio, and again the seriality: The Lions of Sicily with Michele Riondino and Miriamo Leone; History with Jasmine Trinca and the preview of Suburræternaa Netflix show that takes us back to criminal Rome.

Speaking of Rome, Paola Malanga is keen to underline in the conference: “A city that deserves attention. I’m thinking of Nuovo Olimpo by Ferzan Ozpetek, and Suburræterna. But I also want to point out Roma Nuda e Santa, a documentary that illustrates Rome at night, with photography by Daniele Ciprì, following Roberto D’Agostino and Marco Giusti, who take us around the city”. We also add and report Accattaroma by Daniele Costantini.

The selection, and the most interesting titles

“The selection followed the criterion of good films, those we want to see. We felt like spectators before selectors”explains Malanga, regarding the choice made to select the titles of the 2023 Rome Film Festival. The impact of the strike of Hollywood actors and screenwriters: “The impact was there, as with all festivals. We would have liked to have all the actors from the films. Like Saltburn by Emerald Fennell, full of rising stars. A strike that includes not only the United States, including actors of different nationalities There will be those who can come”.

Fingernails Photo 0102

Fingernails: Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed in a photo from the film

Going in no particular order, and following the press kit, we remind you that the Rome Film Festival includes different sections, official prizes assigned by the jury and two transversal prizes, First Feature BNL BNP Paribas and Tognazzi Award for Best Comedy. After all, scrolling through the program, there really is something for all tastes: Yes Sweet Su by Leo Leigh until Mother, Couch con Ewan McGregor or the first work by Filippo Barbagallo, Too bluepassing through the expected Dream Scenario con Nicolas Cage, Eileen with Thomasin McKenzie and Anne Hathaway, the Apple TV+ film Fingernails con Jessie Buckley e Riz Ahmed, The immortals by Anne Riitta Ciccone or Winter Lemons by Caterina Carone with Christian De Sica and Teresa Saponangeloe Misericordia by Emma Dante. Finally, remembering the exhibition “Film Dreamwordks Animation: Dreams, magic and adventures”, set up at the Auditorium from 14 September to 29 October.

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