ONE PIECE 2: the head of prosthetic special effects anticipates Chopper’s presence in the Netflix live-action

The head of the prosthetic special effects department of the live-action ONE PIECE is quite enthusiastic about Chopper’s arrival in the Netflix series.

ONE PIECE 2: the head of prosthetic special effects anticipates Chopper's presence in the Netflix live-action

Now that we have the certainty of returning to sail the seas of the world of ONE PIECE in a second season of live-action Netflixit’s time to start thinking about the characters we’ll meet in the new episodes… Like Chopperwhose arrival was anticipated by head of the prosthetic special effects department of the show.

Arriva Chopper

In an interview with Game Spot prior to the debut of the first season of One Piece on Netflix (and the writers’ and actors’ strike), Jaco Snymanthe boss of the prosthetic special effects of the series, spoke about Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of the Mugiwara, anticipating the challenge that would have been to bring it to the screen in a live-action version.

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I can’t wait to start working on Tony Tony Chopper” states Snyman, while the interviewer observes how it will certainly be complicated, given the nature of the character, and the need to create it mainly with prosthetic effects.

Yes, it will definitely be interesting…“continue Snyman”I hope we get to follow the same approach we used for Arlong when we get there“.

Considering how much the Netflix team wanted to create as much as possible with practical effects instead of CGI (for example, the snail speakers are 99% the result of prosthetic effects), it will certainly be a long and complex process that is necessary.

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ONE PIECE continua

With the announcement of the official renewal for a second season, the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy will continue beyond the East Sea Saga also in live-action formatand it seems that the scripts for the new episodes are already ready.

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However, it will take a while, but in the meantime it can be done hypotheses and theories about who and what we will be shown in the new season. What do you think about it? How far will the next episodes go, and who will bring the upcoming characters to life?

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