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Men and Women, Ludovica Valli reveals the sweet reason behind the choice of Otto Edoardo’s name

Men and Women, Ludovica Valli reveals the sweet reason behind the choice of Otto Edoardo's name

Having become the mother of little Otto Edoardo, Ludovica Valli, former face of Men and Women, has revealed the reason for this name. Let’s see what she said.

The former face of Men and women, Ludovica Vallidecided to reveal on social media the reasons why he named his second son Otto Edward. Born a few months ago from the relationship with Gianmaria Di Gregorio, from whom Valli she had her firstborn Anastasia in 2021.

Men and Women, Ludovica Valli reveals the background of the name Otto Edoardo

The small Otto Edward was born in February 2023 and fans immediately wondered the reasons behind it Ludovica Valli to give him such an unusual double name. There was no shortage of barbs from the haters when her sister Beatrice also gave her fourth child, Matilda Luce, born a few months later, another double name, after declaring that she was not a fan. Just a few days ago Ludovica Valli decided to reveal the sweet reason behind choosing the name of her second child. In fact, on her Instagram, she published a story in which she reveals the reason that pushed her to give this singular name to her child and behind her choice there is a very tender story that binds her to grandmother:

“What did I find… I did it together with my grandmother, in Formentera, exactly 8 years ago. For us this tattoo means a lot. We tattooed it not for the name, but for the number 8 (tattooing the number itself does not would have been obvious, so we decided to tattoo it in full. The number 8 has always been part of our life. I would never have imagined all this, Anastasia was born on March 8th and as soon as I met Gianmaria, the first trip we took together, on the same flight as us there was a very blond and beautiful child named Otto, with his older sister next to him. That’s why Otto Edoardo. His name has a really special meaning for us. As I saw that child and his mother who called him, I said to Gianmaria ‘if we had a boy I would like to call him Otto’. He has two names because dad also liked Edoardo. And then Otto Edoardo seemed and still seems perfect to us”

Often, the former face of Men and women has ended up at the center of controversy and accusations because on social media she speaks openly about her life as a mother, also showing its more difficult sides, such as anxiety, worries and difficulties in managing two children, despite being deeply in love with her children:

“I love being your mom, I love how you make me feel, I love everything that allows me to be with and together with you. I know I also need my “time” and my “space” but I swear that even though sometimes it’s It’s really hard, I would live alone and with you. I’m happy just like this, with you. You’re growing up and I think I’ll have too much time for myself later, so today I’m enjoying every single moment by your side.”

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