Men and Women, Federico Nicotera does not forgive Carola Carpanelli: ”You wanted the covers, for you I lost 7 kg”

Federico Nicotera and Carola Carpanelli meet in the Men and Women studio after the breakup, rags fly between the two ex-boyfriends.

During the last episode of Men and women they were guests Federico Nicotera e Carola Carpanelli, who told everyone what happened between them and why they decided to say goodbye. The former Roman tronista is decidedly furious with her ex-boyfriend, so much so that they are among them very heavy accusations and words flew by. Here’s what happened and how Maria De Filippi reacted.

Men and Women, Federico Nicotera does not forgive: rags fly

After about seven months of studying in the studio of Men and womenbetween ups and downs, jealousies and spites, Federico Nicotera chose to end with Carola Carpanelli the experience in Canale 5 dating show, admitting that he was deeply in love with her. The relationship started in the best way, with many promises that seemed perfect to lead the couple to be solid and long-lasting over time. Instead, the love story ended after less than a couple of monthsleaving a bad taste in Nicotera’s mouth.

During the last episode of Men and Women, Federico and Carola were guests in the studio to tell what happened between them. The former suitor confessed that she had put an end to it after having endured scenes of jealousy from the Roman, which she was becoming increasingly oppressive. He, however, is certain that Carola played with her feelings, hoping to be able to form a cover couple for a little popularity.

“I’ll tell you what happened. We got out of here and everything was fine. You had won, you wanted to go out with me, you enjoyed the hype, but the hype lasts two months, then it disappears. You enjoyed everything after the program, as soon as things normalized the problems arose. I may be half crazy, but I can’t make myself believe that donkeys fly. If you leave because of a fight, honestly not. You created problems where there weren’t any. I played the lapdog of her, I felt wrong. You were looking for a problem because the hype was over,” He admitted Nicoteralaunching others serious accusations against Carola.

The former tronista of Men and Women, in fact, has publicly implied that Carola did not behave well during the course in the studio, perhaps dating another person or in any case not being totally free as she wanted to make people believe. Federico then took matters further by admitting that have lost 7 kg since she left him, and that he is the only one who has truly invested feelings in this relationship. The reaction was immediate Maria De Filippi, who tried to mitigate and defend the former suitor, explaining that in a love story there is always someone who suffers more. In the meantime, Alice’s reaction to the confrontation between the two in the studio also arrived.

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