Men and Women, after the confrontation in the studio between Federico Nicotera and Carola, Alice Barisciani’s reaction arrives

After the confrontation between Federico Nicotera and Carola Carpinelli which took place in yesterday’s episode of Men and Women, the former suitor of the young Roman published a dig at the former couple in an Ig Stories published on her Instagram profile.

In the episode of Men and women which aired yesterday, Thursday 21 September 2023, they returned to the studio Federico Nicotera and Carola Carpinelli to talk about the reasons why, lto their love storyborn within the Canale 5 dating show, has already reached the end of the line after a few months and also after the announcement of cohabitation.

Men and Women, after the confrontation between Federico and Carola, comes the dig from the Roman’s former suitor, Alice Barisciani

The former Roman tronista still appeared very disappointed, convinced that Carola has the decision to move away too hastily, disappearing from one day to the next even from the family of Federico. The former suitor, for her part, has reiterated several times that she was initially very much in love with her, but that she then realized that she experienced some character aspects that convinced her that their story could not have a future. Carola she found herself having a rather difficult confrontation with Federico, considering that the former tronista was supported by the public and by commentators, convinced that, in reality, the girl never really felt feelings towards him.

The people of the web and the couple’s fans are quite divided on the matter and after the discussion theformer suitor Alice Bariscianithe non-choice of Federico who at the end of his long throne left the program together with Carola.

“Just sit back and observe,” Alice wrote, “most things don’t deserve a reaction.”

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