Interstellar and its alternative ending, much more dramatic than the one chosen

Interstellar the film directed by American director Christopher Nolan, divided audiences and critics upon its release in 2014. Accused of being excessively difficult to understand and in some parts too corny, it does not enjoy the same recognition as other works of the director’s cinematography. However however, critics praised the great qualities (especially technical) of the film starring Matthew McConaughey and in fact awarded him for visual effects at the Oscar Awards in 2015. At the center of the film is the tortuous journey of a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole to search for a new home for humanity, threatened by a terrible global famine. Anyone who has seen the film especially remembers the strong bond of former NASA pilot Joseph Cooper with his daughter Murphy, who has a particularly emotional epilogue in the film. Initially though the story of the two characters, played by Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain, should have ended very differently. While Christopher Nolan is getting yet another consecration with Oppenheimerthe new hit film with Cillian Murphywe reveal this interesting curiosity about Interstellar.

Jonathan Nolan, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay with his brother, revealed that the ending they originally thought of as Interstellar it was definitely more dramatic.

Warning: from this moment on the article will contain spoilers on the ending of Christopher Nolan’s film.

In the final version of the film we saw the former NASA pilot pass through a five-dimensional tesseract, thanks to which he is able to communicate with a younger version of his daughter. With this connection he provides her with the coordinates of the black hole and helps her complete an equation that allows humanity to reach safety and escape from Earth. In the final part of the film Joseph Cooper reunites with his beloved Murphy, who has aged in the meantime, on a space station. According to the original plans though this meeting should never have taken place and the astronaut should not have returned from the mission alive.

Second Nerdistwas the one who revealed it Jonathan Nolan in 2015 in a speech at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab during which he also spoke about the epilogue of Interstellar. The director’s brother said that in one of the endings, which they had considered, the “Einstein-Rosen bridge” (also known as a wormhole) should have collapsed, thus preventing Cooper from reaching safety. He would therefore have been stuck inside without being able to return home to hug his daughter again. His sacrifice to save the fate of humanity would certainly have increased the pathos of the epilogue of Interstellarbut it would not have conveyed any message of hope. For this reason Christopher Nolan decided to change plans and write a less dramatic ending for the film.

And what do you think? Prefer the ending chosen by Christopher Nolan for Interstellar or would you have liked a more bittersweet epilogue for the film?

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