Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, who really helps Vittorio?

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, what surprise does Salvatore have about Tullio?

In the previews of episodes 16-20 of The Ladies’ Paradise 8 they continue bad news for Salvatore. After the big questions about the existence or otherwise of Elvira’s new boyfriend, the mystery is solved once and for all. When Tullio shows up at Paradiso, there is little to go on to support the thesis that he is an imaginary man. Tullio arrives at the department store incognito and wakes up great amazement in the girls. To be honest, she leaves the Venuses speechless. This applies to each of them, but – surprise of surprises – the first to be amazed is the girlfriend. Not only that, the previews of the plots of the block in question reveal that the young Amato will have to deal with something unpleasant. Neither The Ladies’ Paradise 8what surprise does Salvatore have about Tullio?

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Tullio asks Elvira to marry him?

When Salvatore comes face to face with his love rival, he has abitter surprise. Yes The Ladies’ Paradise 8, Tullio asks Elvira to marry him? Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, given that they met over the summer. However, we cannot rule it out.

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Emanuel Caserio (Salvatore Amato) in a scene from episode 9 of
Emanuel Caserio (Salvatore Amato) in a scene from episode 9 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: Rai

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How would things go with Salvatore? Elvira has already distanced herself greatly from Amato. In episode 9 of season 8 Elvira chooses the uniform over the suit while talking to Salvo. He didn’t even look like himself, dressed up so elegantly. Elvira no longer hears the girls’ comments about Salvatore. “I still think you’re cute.”ma “many things have changed says Elvira. Now Gallo is with another person. She should have moved sooner. Salvo asks her to let him recover. Elvira apologizes. Now things are very complicated. Maybe, one day, they can be friends. Salvatore has already been very upset. With this “bitter surprise” we prepare for the worst.

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