Breaking Bad – Aaron Paul and the bad accident on set that landed him in hospital

Breaking BadVince Gilligan’s famous work, is one of those TV series that changed the way we make TV. In fact, after Walter White’s story enchanted the public, dozens of antiheroes were born on the small screen who followed in his wake. Considered one of the most awarded television productions ever, it also holds a particular record certified by Guinness World Records: the fifth season has the highest rating ever received by a TV series. A product of this caliber has naturally given great popularity to its performers: in addition to having launched the career of Bryan Cranston, it also introduced the world to the talent of Aaron Paul. The interpreter of Jesse Pinkman, after the end of Breaking Badhe never stopped: he starred in The Pathin Westworld and in the most intense episode of the new season of Black Mirror. The actor therefore owes a lot to the famous TV series of Vince Gilligan and Walter White’s right-hand man character.

But did you know that on the set of Breaking Bad Did Aaron Paul take a dangerous risk? The actor, in fact, was taken to hospital during filming due to a bad accident.

This is what was reported by the site MovieWeb a few years ago, who recalled how Jesse Pinkman’s interpreter was seriously injured on set while filming a scene in the series. In the sequence, Walter White’s young right-hand man was involved in a fight and then the actor had to be thrown against a door and then beaten. Naturally everything had been studied because Aaron Paul faced the shooting without experiencing any physical damage. However, something did not go as expected: Jesse Pinkman’s interpreter was stuck in an anomalous position and was actually kicked by the other actors for this reason.

Aaron Paul, while filming, felt severe pain and started shouting to attract the attention of the rest of the crew and push them to stop the scene. However, the production team didn’t realize anything had gone wrong and continued filming. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late and Aaron Paul was seriously injured. The actor was then immediately taken to hospital, where doctors found a head injury and a nasty swollen eye. Fortunately, after a short stay in hospital, the interpreter of Breaking Bad he made a full recovery and was able to quickly return to the set to continue filming.

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