Bitter Earth Previews September 23, 2023: Yilmaz dies before Zuleyha’s eyes

Previews of the episode of Terra Amara broadcast on 23 September 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Yilmaz makes a declaration of love to Zuleyha, and then passes away…

Thanks to previews from the Turkish soap opera on Canale 5, Bitter Earthwe discover that, in bets aired on September 23, 2023at 14.10, Demir is apologizing to Yilmaz for making him suffer so much in recent years, and he grants him forgiveness. Afterwards, Akkaya makes itself promised from the historic rival in love who will take care of Zuleyha and little Adnan, if he were to die. Meanwhile, Fekeli lets everyone know that for him now the Yaman is like a son. GafferInstead, is informing Gulten and Cetin that maybe he, Saniye and Uzum will move to Germany; the situation on the estate is now unbearable. Finally, the former seamstress is at the bedside of her beloved, who continues to feel ill. Suddenly, Yilmaz’s condition worsens drastically. After having sworn eternal love to Altun, the young man takes his last breath

Terra Amara Previews: Demir and Yilmaz put an end to their feud!

Yilmaz’s condition continues to be serious. As, Iron he could not escape his call. The latter he is apologizing to his arch-enemy: And repentant for inflicting so much pain on him. The Akkaya grants his request for forgivenesse then it shocks him with a very specific request. The former mechanic wants the Yaman to promise him that he will take care of Zuleyha and little Adnan, if he were to die. The lord promises him; after which, he proposes to make him the same promise. And while the two make a pact that puts an end to their feud, Fekeli informs everyone of the fact that, in light of recent events, he considers Demir a son. Ultimately, although there was never any bad blood between him and Yilmaz, the Yaman still tried to save his life.

Terra Amara Previews: Gaffur and Saniye leaving!

Gaffur found that Behice is aware of what she has done: Mujgan’s ruthless aunt he knows that he was the one who killed Hatip. Fearing that Hekimoglu senior might report him at any moment, and no longer being able to live in terror, Gaffur proposed Saniye to move to Germany. However, the man did not reveal to his wife what the real reason was why he wanted to leave Cukurova. Now, tired of Sevda’s presence at the estate, Second informs Gaffur of the fact that is taking seriously your proposal into consideration. As, the handyman tells Gulten and Cetin that he might leave the country soon together with his wife and little Uzum, since the situation at the villa is no longer tolerable, especially for Saniye…

The death of Yilmaz, in the Terra Amara Previews of September 23, 2023

Zuleyha continues to hope that Yilmaz will improve, but, unfortunately, his hopes are about to be blown away by a strong gust of wind. The young woman has no intention of leaving her beloved alone, so much so she always remained at his bedside. Now, however, in an instant the situation worsens. Akkaya’s health condition suddenly worsense dramatically. The boy makes a declaration of love to his ex-girlfriend and then takes his last breath. Altun is torn apart by pain…

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Bitter Earth it goes on air Channel 5 from Monday to Sunday at 2.10pm.

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