Big Brother, the disappointing ratings of the fourth episode and the merciless portrait of Signorini: “Summary sloppiness”

The reality show is stopping at around 16% share, a sharp drop compared to expectations. Corriere della Sera sinks Signorini: “From slip to slip, from reprimand to reprimand”

Yesterday, Thursday 21 September 2023, the fourth appointment with the new edition of the Big Brother. The Mediaset reality show recorded a 16% share with an average of 2,076,000 viewers. Despite the double weekly appointment and the change of broadcast (the reality show to avoid the direct clash with Tale and Which Show was brought forward to Thursday) ratings are declining and well below expectations.

Big Brother, “Alfonso Signorini is not a presenter, it’s a slip of the tongue”

The reasons have been examined by various newspapers and in this regard there have already been in-depth studies (perhaps some premature) on the new editorial lines of the program which seem to struggle to excite the faithful audience of the program Big Brother. In essence, that would be exactly what was missing trash which the company has decided to slow down by imposing strict rules of all kinds (from the language of competitors to the times to be respected for going to sleep). The Corriere della Seraafter the fourth episode ofBig Brother published a rather impetuous editorial towards the presenter (who is also among the authors of the program)

“It’s not a conductor, it’s a slip of the tongue” we read in the newspaper. We then move on to describe his usual ducks and his sometimes out of place reproaches:

“He enters the studio to greet the audience of this fourth evening and, first of all, he stumbles in front of the camera. Immediately afterwards, he greets the social media worker Rebecca Staffelli, daughter of the well-known tapirof of Striscia la Notizia, calling her “Valeria”, just like her father. He will also rage against her later, renaming her “Rachele”. Since Alfonso Signorini has been hosting the reality show, his name day has been his bête noire. The host demonstrated that he can even reach the final of the program by still stumbling over the names of the contestants in the game. Literally the forgetful Dory from the Pixar film Finding Nemo, such slips continue to be an alarming sign of total sloppiness. Will our hero be able to learn the details of at least a handful of protagonists by the last episode? His past so far does not bode well.”

“The words, however – continues the Corriere – perhaps thinking of the watchful gaze of the bogeyman Pier Silvio Berlusconi, are still important for us: just see how the contestant-queen Beatrice Luzzi rebukes her for having used the term “pack” live: ” You cannot afford to say something like this lightly, it refers to much more serious and delicate situations towards which respect must be shown.” Signorini Rottenmeier is back in (de)moralizing activity. From slip of slip to slip, from reprimand to reprimand . Amen?”

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