Big Brother, Sophie Codegoni is unbalanced about the competitors: “I don’t know if they will be the new Basciagoni, but I like them”

The former gieffina Sophie Codegoni reveals that she has some ships in the current edition of Big Brother.

Alessandro Basciano he was among the most talked about and followed competitors of the Big Brother VIP. Guest of the last episode of Casa Chi, the web format of the well-known weekly, the boy together with Sophie Codegoni commented on the new edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini and his protagonists.

The new Gf ships according to Sophie Codegoni

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano they went too far contestants of the new edition of Big Brother. The first to speak was the beautiful influencer who, without beating around the bush, he confessed to having two ships in the Cinecittà house:

Speaking of couples gossip, I’m selling a bit of ship between Anita and Vittorio. Then she is divided with Garibaldi, then they say she is engaged but personally I like Anita and Vittorio very much. I don’t know if they will be the new Basciagoni but I like them. In terms of friendliness, Anita and Garibaldi would be great, but it reminds me of that couple mood from After…

They shipped Massimiliano with Letizia. I know her, she was one of my best friends when I lived in Riccione. They are shipping them, then on Tik Tok they are incredible who make videos with sexy music of them dancing, they are fantastic but I don’t know. I remember her when we were very little, she was incredibly humble, cute, nice, a good girl. Then I lost sight of her and today I don’t know but before she was really cute.

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Se Sophie confessed that she knows Letizia Petris personally, Alessandro he admitted having seen Samira Lui and heard Ciro Petrone:

Samira by sight yes, we met her at an event because we are part of the same agency and she is Samira. I also know Ciro, every now and then we wrote to each other but then he entered the next episode, I saw him yesterday. I can tell you that he is a character that I like a lot, he certainly has a lot to give and to tell.

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