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Big Brother, Anita Olivieri against Beatrice Luzzi: “What she said is serious, she must remain alone to understand”

Big Brother, Anita Olivieri against Beatrice Luzzi: "What she said is serious, she must remain alone to understand"

Anita Olivieri’s harsh outburst against Beatrice Luzzi after the live broadcast of Big Brother.

There is no peace for Beatrice Luzzi at Big Brother. It seems, in fact, that the actress’s character and ways of doing things don’t really go well with the climate that reigns in the Cinecittà House among the competitors of the new edition of the reality showwho have it hard criticized for being “a hypocrite”.

Anita Olivieri tough against Beatrice Luzzi

Beatrice Luzzi ended up in the sights of Letizia Petris, Rosy Chin, Massimiliano Varrese and Anita Olivieri. Immediately after the live broadcast of Big Brother, which aired yesterday Thursday 21 September, the competitors gathered in the garden to comment on the latest dynamics of the game. The well-known chef did not miss an opportunity to complain about the actress’s attitude, finding the support of Massimiliano and Anita, who let herself go into a harsh outburst:

They totally saved her tonight. Live she called us a pack. I had a shocked face. yesterday we were dancing and we tried to include her. But now I’m really bored. Because she doesn’t attack the individual, but she attacks the group. She attacks us as often as she can. With all of us she uses carrots and sticks. When she’s here she’s ok and then in the episode she massacres us. So now I’m bored but enough is enough. Today I did my makeup at the table with her and it went against us. Amo is serious about the pack thing, the word pack that you used is very serious. Now she is immune, and she is immune because we know why. Alfonso attacked her on the word pack. She immediately washed her hands of it. But only because she was criticized for the word, otherwise she wouldn’t say anything.

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She always remains herself. Did you see that Signorini and Cesara told her to take some time to understand why we don’t get along? I got tired – continued Anita – today she did her own make-up and I went there, I talked to her. But that’s enough now. Vittorio and Massimiliano were shocked first. At a certain point I tell you: maybe you have to be alone to realize this. (…) From but stay out then.

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