Amici 23, in the new class of students numerous children of famous artists!

The new edition of Amici begins on Sunday 24 September and in the class of students there are several children of famous artists! That’s who it is!

Back, starting Sunday September 24th are Canale5, Amici Of Maria De Filippi, the well-known talent show on the Mediaset network which sees the artistic journey of young talents trained by exceptional coaches. Reconfirmed in this year’s teaching staff are Rudy Zerbi, Lorella Cuccarini, Alessandra Celentano, Raimondo Todaro and Emanuel Lo. After Arisa’s farewell, the talent show welcomed back Anna Pettinelli, already a former teacher at the school. Waiting to find out what will happen in the first episode, Let’s find out together who the students linked to famous artists are in the new class of Amici 23 students.

Amici 23, among this year’s students there are several names linked to famous artists

From the previews of the first episode, the details of some of the students of the school of the next edition of Amici: among them there are some children of famous artists, such as Joseph Cartaaka Holden, son of Paolo Carta, husband of Laura Pausini. Besides him there is also MatthewIrama’s best friend, one of the talent’s former students, whose performance was judged positively by Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi.

Among the dancers, the name of Chiara Porchianello, a friend of, stands out Giulia Stabile, dancer of the professional cast, and girlfriend of a dancer from the Loretta Goggi show. Yet another name among the dancers is that of Dustin, linked by a deep friendship to Isobel Kinnear, with whom he also shares his homeland, Australia, and who will have to decide whether to join Emanuel Lo’s or Alessandra Celentano’s team. The rumors also reported the presence of Giovanni Antonacci, son of the well-known singer Biagio Antonacci.

It is not the first time that a son of art enters the talent show: just think of LDA, son of Gigi D’Alessio, or Angelina Mango, second place in the last edition, daughter of the late singer Mango. Both have achieved great success both within the school and after the talent show. Angelina Mango, for example, has collected his first Gold Record with his EP and will soon begin his first tour in the main Italian cities, while LDA can boast participation in the Sanremo Festival and moderate success as an artist, thanks to his music. Given the premises, all we have to do is find out who among these students will get the bench and what they will be able to demonstrate in their talent journey.

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