Amici 23, Anna Pettinelli breaks the silence on the relationship with Maria De Filippi and on the new class: “I’m sure that…”

The latest revelations from the professor of the 23rd edition of Amici.

The wait is finally over! The 23rd edition of Amici will officially start on Sunday 24 September 2023 on Canale 5. Among the professors too Anna Pettinelli who, in a new interview given to Nuovo TV, spoke about his return to Maria De Filippi’s talent show and broke the silence on new class.

The truth of Anna Pettinelli

Everything is ready for the first episode of Amici 23. He will also be among the coaches of the most loved and followed school in Italy Anna Pettinelli who, after a year’s hiatus, agreed to take on the role of again singing teacher in Maria De Filippi’s talent show. Interviewed by Nuovo Tv, as reported by Biccy, the radio speaker spoke about her and hers return e denied the rumors of alleged friction with the presenter:

What if there was a breakup? No, there was no problem, no breakup at all. Maria and I have a relationship of mutual esteem and respect. Then she is an exceptional commander, she puts you at ease. I always had a great time with her. Arisa? She has her own style, like each of us. The new students? I’m sure it will be an excellent class and that there will certainly be excellent elements.

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According to previews of Amici 23in the new class there will be several familiar faces. We’re talking about dancers Dustin e Chiara Porchianelloi best friends of Isobel Kinnear and Giulia Stabile respectivelysinger Matthewil Irama’s best friend. Not only. We will also find them among the school desks Joseph Carta, in art Holdenwhich it is the son of Laura Pausini’s husband, Paolo Carta.

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