X Factor 2023: Previews of the Second Episode and an unpublished clip with Fedez who speaks español

Tonight at 9.15pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW you can follow the Second Episode of X Factor 2023. The Auditions will be on stage again at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. Together with the previews, we show you a preview of a fragment of the evening with Fedez showing off his knowledge of Spanish.

On the first day of an autumn that definitely seems like summer, there arrives Second episode Of X Factor 2023are Sky One at 9.15pm e in streaming su NOW. Like the previous one, it is dedicated to Auditionwhich are one of the funniest moments of the show Sky Original produced by Fremantle. Once again the four judges will decide whether or not to let a competitor pass to the Bootcamp or kindly send him home. At this stage it is not necessary to demonstrate excellent singing qualities, because Amber, Fedez, Morgan e Dargen they are magnanimous and 3 yeses are enough to be promoted. As was announced during the press conference for the presentation of XF 2023many singers still don’t have their own musical project or clear ideas on how to enter the magical and competitive world of entertainment, and therefore bring them to the Live Show and perhaps in the final it will require great commitment from the “four at the table”. Even during the Second episode, Francesca Michielin he will remain backstage at the Allianz Cloud to motivate the soloists and bands.

X Factor 2023: Where were we?

The First episode Of X Factor 2023 it was exciting and maintained a good pace, in accordance with the good mood of Amber Angiolini who among the judges was the most bubbly, while Fedez he seemed a little withdrawn. Among the many competitors who performed presenting unreleased songs or covers and new interpretations of famous songs, someone really “rocked”: for example Matteo Alienowho offered a very moving version of “I Don’t Cry” Of Franco Califano. Angelica Bove has sung “The night” Of Arisa thrilling the audience and the jury, while the super surprise of the evening was the “experimental” performance of Sara Sorrentiwho recited rather than sang the unreleased song “Sick of Joy”. Among the groups, they thrilled Morgan & Co. the Sicilian boys of The Collective 4 (with the unpublished “Damned Underworld”), The Spacecalmcon “Summer on a solitary beach” Of Franco BattiatoThe Stunt Pilots con “Kiss” Of Princethey Astromare with a medley of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’ e “Great Balls On Fire” Of Jerry Lee Lewis.

X Factor 2023: Previews of the Second Episode and an unreleased clip

Also this evening, boys and girls who cultivate the dream of music will take turns in front of the judges. Everyone has a different story to tell. For example, there will be those who have said enough of office work to sing and those who have been passionate about notes since childhood. The protagonists will be pop and rock in the most varied declinations. A little bird whispered in our ear that someone will propose again the great masters of Italian musiccon Gino Paoli revisited in an electronic key and a moving interpretation of “The farewell”song by Giuni Russo written by Franco Battiato. Space also for White Duke David Bowiewith a very particular version of “Heroes”a cover of the Pixies and to someone who will start twerking with his dance troupe.

We can tell you that it will be one of the funniest moments of the evening Fedez’s translator exploit, who will speak with a Spanish contestant. If the better half of Chiara Ferragni knows a little of the language of Picasso e Leo Messi it’s because of his children’s nanny, who taught him a few basic words. Here is the clip of this funny scene:

We remind you that the next episode of X Factor 2023scheduled for Thursday 28 September, will focus on Audition. As already mentioned, you will be able to see it at 9.15pm on Sky Uno e in streaming su NOW. The new edition of the talent show is always available on demand and visible on Sky Go.

X Factor 2023 and also free to air on TV8to button 8 on the remote control, every Wednesday in prime time.

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