Un Posto al Sole Previews September 22, 2023: Alberto returns to the office with Diana

Let’s see the Previews of the episode of Un Posto al Sole broadcast on 22 September 2023. The plots of the episodes of the Soap broadcast on Rai3 tell us that Alberto is ready to return to office with Diana but the architect already has another man for the head. Meanwhile, Giulia finds extra “earnings” for the Terrace.

The Previews from the episode Of A Place in the Sun in onda su Rai3 il September 22, 2023at ore 20.50they reveal to us that Alberto will return to office with Diana but Palladini will have to deal with a new rival. Who will it be? Who will have won the architect’s heart? Meanwhile Viola will continue to live in anxiety and it will be a lot worried about Damianowho she is convinced has colluded with the Camorra. Rosa instead he will do one discovery that will leave her speechless and it could involve his ex While Giuliathanks to Niko’s intervention, he will be able to have some extra money for the Terrace.

Previews Un Posto al Sole: Alberto returns to the charge with Diana but…

Alberto has not lost hope to be able win back Diana. Now that Clara has left her life and that he is finally free from “hiccups”, the lawyer believes he has the right cards to go back on the attack. Ma the architect may not be of the his own opinion. Diana has in fact begun to feel a certain sympathy for another man. But who will it be? Will it be someone we know well who will infuriate Alberto? We’ll find out soon.

A Place in the Sun Previews: Viola anxious for Damiano

Viola is heartbroken. Find out that Damiano is colluding with the Camorra it was a hard blow, especially for the relationship that had been created between them and Eugenio. Bruni will continue to treat Renda with great coldness and to want with all her heart that the boy frees himself from the evil yoke into which he has fallen. However, Damiano hides a secret that could be discovered by Rosa. The Previews reveal to us in fact that the woman she will make a discovery that will leave her speechless.

Plots and Previews A Place in the Sun: Giulia finds a solution for the Terrace

Everything is over between Luca and Giulia and for Poggi it was a hard blow. It will have to recover as quickly as possiblegiven Bricca’s health conditions and the need to make ends meet at the Terrace. Franco decided to recover part of the rent on his apartment and forced her mother-in-law to pay more careful attention to expenses. With Niko’s help, Giulia will be able to get some extra moneyto please his son-in-law and bring back, at least a little, peace of mind.

Let’s find out all the Weekly previews Of Un Posto al Sole from 18 to 22 September 2023.

A Place in the Sun va on air every day from Monday to Friday are Rai 3 at 20.50.

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