The Voice You Have Inside, Previews: the second episode of the fiction airs tonight on Canale5

Appointment tonight, Thursday 21 September 2023, with the second episode of La Voce Che Hai Dentro, the Canale5 drama, which sees Massimo Ranieri in the role of a record producer, looking for redemption. Let’s discover together the Previews and Plots of today’s episodes.

Second appointment this evening, Thursday 21 September 2023con The Voice Inside Youthe TV series con Massimo Ranieri in the role of a talented record producerwho fell into disgrace after being falsely accused of murder. The Fiction it’s going to happen your Canale5 at ore 21.30. Let’s discover them together Previews not plots of the two episodes Of Today:

The Voice You Have Inside: Previews of the second episode of tonight 21 September 2023

In the second episode of The Voice Inside Youin onda tonight on Canale5, Michele it is found at having to manage Regina and his character, not exactly simple. The record company luckily he manages to save the girl give one disaster announcedcaused by online release of one of his songs. Meanwhile the two continue to try create a piece suitable to win the contestin which Ferrara decided to participate together with the trapper. Giulio Instead he asks Maria to marry him ma she’s not thrilled with the idea While Raffaeleat the mercy of Russo, tries to put a spoke in his father’s wheelsto save time and prevent Regina Of sign the contract with Parthenope. To achieve this, the young man he has to stalk the singer and this attitude of his ends up put his marriage in crisis. Antonio Instead tries to launch Vincenzo e gets an audition for his protégé at Russo Records. How will her father take it?

The Voice You Have Inside: here is the Plot of the Fiction with Massimo Ranieri

Massimo Ranieri returns to TV with a new appointment on Canale5. The artist is the hero of The Voice Inside You. The Fiction is composed of four prime time slotsfor a total of eight episodes. Ecco the plot:

Ranieri plays Michele Ferrarail owner of Parthenope Edizioni Musicalia record company very successful, whose work yes unfortunately stopped, after Michele’s arrest, accused of killing his father Domenico, an old glory of Neapolitan music. Michele has always professed his innocence but he has achieved freedom only after ten years. In this time things have changed a lot and upon his return home he will understand having to roll up your sleeves more than expected. Il musical panoramain these years, it moved a lot and for avoid failure and the sale of his label at its peak enemy Gaetano Russowill have to invent something different and at times crazy: select and sign emerging talents. What la true enlightenment to move forward he will find it thanks tomeeting with the young trapper Reginaa girl confused and full of anger but with an undoubted talent.
Michele will find himself acting as her mentor and as a guide as well as he will have to return to being the central pivot of his family, she too – like Regina – is completely at a loss and now disillusioned that things can be fixed. Will he be able to save himself, his loved ones and his career? But above all, will he be able to make those around him understand that what is worth listening to is the voice inside, the only compass in a world that now seems lost?

The Voice Inside You airs at ore 21.30 are Canale5.

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