The Exorcist returns to the cinema: here is the new Italian trailer for the film

The restored 4K version of the legendary horror film directed by William Friedkin will be in theaters from 25 to 27 September, the one presented as a world premiere in the Venice Classics section during the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Warner Bros., and the fiftieth anniversary of the film, on 25, 26 and 27 September will come back The Exorcist in Italian cinemasthe horror masterpiece signed by the great William Friedkinwho left us a few weeks ago.
The exorcist will be in theaters in its newest version restored version in 4K presented as a world premiere in the section Venice Classics of the Venice Film Festival 2023.
“I think The Exorcist is as intense today, fifty years later, as it was when it first came out. That’s the genius of William P. Blatty’s story.”he declared Friedkin on the occasion of the announcement of the presence of the restored version of the film at Film Festivalwhere his last film was also screened posthumously, The Caine Mutiny Court-Martialwhich we will soon see at the cinema.
This is the new Italian trailer for The Exorcist created on the occasion of this special release:

This unprecedented event will once again bring horror and thrills to movie theaters, illuminating the darkness with stunning images that will keep viewers glued to the screen, just as it has for generations past.
The Exorcist is much more than just a horror film; he is an icon of cinema, a milestone in the history of the big screen. Since it premiered way back in 1973, it has frightened, fascinated and enchanted audiences around the world. Its unforgettable scenes, iconic characters and thrilling atmosphere make it a timeless work of cinematic art. Even after five decades, it continues to have an extraordinary cultural impact, influencing the horror genre and the art of filmmaking in general. It’s a testament to cinema’s enduring power to capture the imagination and push viewers to the edge of terror and suspense.

Let’s remember that instead of The Exorcist – The Believerreboot\sequel of Friedkin’s film directed by David Gordon Greenin which he also appears By Ellen Burstynready to take on the iconic role of Chris MacNeilwill hit theaters the following weekend, October 5th.
This is the Italian trailer for Green’s film:

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