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Shark Teeth – Davide Gentile’s directorial debut on Prime Video

Shark Teeth - Davide Gentile's directorial debut on Prime Video

Davide Gentile recounts the difficult but unforgettable summer of thirteen-year-old Walter in his directorial debut, starting today – September 21st – on Prime Video. The cast includes Virginia Raffaele, Claudio Santamaria and Edoardo Pesce.

Shark teeth – directorial debut of Davide Gentile – debuted in theaters last June, conquering audiences and critics with a powerful but at the same time poetic and profound story, a sort of brutal and direct coming of age, in which the young Tiziano Menichelli he is accompanied by the stars Virginia Raffaele, Claudio Santamaria ed Edoardo Pesce. The feature film is available today – 21 September – in the catalogue Prime Videowho collaborated in the production of the project.

Shark Teeth – Plot and cast of Davide Gentile’s directorial debut

Waltera thirteen year old who lives with his mother Rita sul Roman coast, is preparing to experience the most difficult and unforgettable summer of his life, the first without his father Antonio, who died in an accident at work. While Rita closes herself in unspeakable pain, which leads her to distance herself from her son, Walter tries not to think while wandering through the deserted streets, until he comes across a ‘huge abandoned villa, still furnished and equipped with a large swimming pool. Apparently uninhabited, the building actually houses the self-styled caretaker Carlo, a local punk who will take Walter under his wing. However, the meeting with Il Corsaro, a feared local criminal, will force Walter to encounter a reality bigger than himself.

Watch Shark Teeth now on Prime Video

The newcomer takes on the role of Walter Tiziano Menichelliflanked by the young man Stefano Rosci. As mentioned, the feature film also boasts the collaboration of some stars, among which a surprising one stands out Virginia Raffaele in her first dramatic role. Claudio Santamaria instead he lends his body and voice to Antonio, while Edoardo Pesce plays Il Corsaro. Fresh from a totally opposite experience – dubbing Mario in the blockbuster film Super Mario Bros. – The MovieSantamaria gets involved by his friend Gabriele Mainettiinvolved in the project as a producer, with his Goon Films. In the production team then there are Lucky Red – which also handled distribution -, Ideacinema with Rai Cinema and Prime Video. Shark teethas mentioned, is directed by the debutant Davide Gentile, ready to carve out a prominent place for himself in a generation of Italian directors who are not afraid to experiment, playing with genres, styles and cinematographic references. In addition to the direction and the cast, two other strong points of the project lie in the photography by Ivan Casalgrandi and in music by Michele Braga, which contribute to cloaking a complex and harsh story with a poetic aura. So appointment from today, on Prime Videoto experience the most unforgettable adventure of his life together with Walter.