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Sex Education 4, the fourth and final season will be streaming on Netflix from September 21st

Sex Education 4, the fourth and final season will be streaming on Netflix from September 21st

When do you get Sex Education 4

Sex Education 4 has arrived: the new episodes of the beloved dramedy with protagonist Asa Butterfield as the awkward teenager Otis are landing on Netflix Thursday 21 September 2023! After an absence from the screens of exactly one year, the boys of Moordale return with new loves and new adventures, but for the last time.

Netflix has confirmed the fourth and final season at the Tudum event, held on Saturday 25 September 2021. The clip announcing season 4 was also released:

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With this final season we say goodbye to the Moordale gang, who have been keeping us company since 2019. It’s time to get our handkerchiefs ready and say goodbye with eight new episodes, including an exceptional 83-minute season finale. It will be an amazing journey: let’s finish it together.

Sex Education 4 riprese

In light of the news reported by the protagonist’s social media Asa Butterfield, we know that filming began in early August in Wales and concluded around February 10, according to an Instagram Story published by Aimee Lou Wood and no longer available on the social platform. After months of waiting, finally Netflix has released the date of the last season of Sex Education for September 21, 2023.

Since its debut on Netflix in 2019, Sex Education has been nominated for and won numerous awards, including the 2022 International Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. Furthermore, in the first 91 days of its release the third season totaled 66.6 million views.

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Asa & Mimi _ Sex Education S4 And The Letter From Screenwriter Laurie Nunn To Fans Credits Netflix
Asa and Mimi in Sex Education S4 And Screenwriter Laurie Nunn’s Letter To Fans Credits Netflix

In a letter to fans, creator, writer and executive producer Laurie Nunn said:

“We are incredibly proud of Sex Education and are indebted to our amazing team of writers, actors and the entire crew who put so much love into making each episode. They have worked tirelessly on this final season, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

Plot of Sex Education 4, previews

After Moordale High School closes, Otis and Eric are faced with a new beginning – their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Otis is nervous about starting a new clinic, while Eric hopes with all his heart that they won’t be “losers” again. The Cavendish Institute represents a culture shock for all the students of Moordale, who until then thought they were progressive. This new school is very different, every day we do yoga in the common garden, there is an atmosphere dedicated to sustainability and there is a group of kids who are popular for their… kindness?! Viv is totally shocked by the students’ non-competitive attitude, while Jackson is still trying to get over her relationship with Cal. Aimee decides to do something new by taking art classes, and Adam tries to figure out if a traditional education is right for him.

Discover more news from the Sex Education series!

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In the United States, Maeve is living her dream at the prestigious Wallace University, where she takes classes from cult author Thomas Molloy. Otis pines for her, while he has to get used to the fact that he is no longer her only child, or the only therapist in the school…

How Sex Education 3 ends, where we are left

Cast of Sex Education 4, actors and characters

Emma Mackey In Una Scena Di Sex Education 4 Credits Netflix
Emma Mackey In Una Scena Di Sex Education 4 Credits Netflix

The return of. is confirmed in the fourth season Asa Butterfield (Otis), Gillian Anderson (Jean), Emma Mackey (Maeve), Connor Swindells (Adam), Aimee-Lou Wood (Aimee) e Kedar Williams-Stirling (Jackson). The presence of Dear friend (Eric) is officially confirmed, in addition to those of Mimi Keene (Ruby), George Robinson (Isaac), God bless you (Viv), Dua Saleh (Cal), Alistair Petrie (Michael) e Samantha Spiro (Maureen).

Speaking to RadioTimes about filming season four, Emma Mackey revealed that Maeve will not be a regular presence in all episodes of the fourth season. “(Compared to previous seasons) it is a more sporadic experience because there are more characters, and I am not (present in all episodes) with the same consistency” Mackey said. Expect a considerably reduced role for Maeve in future episodes.

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The Emmy-winning actor and star of the series is expected to make his debut in season 4 Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy, who plays Thomas Molloy, a famous author and Maeve’s course tutor in the United States at her Ivy League college. Appearing in the new episodes Thaddea Graham of Doctor Whotogether with Marie Reuther (Kamikaze) and debutants Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James and Imani Yahshua. The appearance of also confirmed Jodie Turner-Smith, who was persuaded by Ncuti Gatwa after the latter invited her to join the cast.

The exits from the cast

They won’t be in the game Simone Ashleywho confirmed the farewell to her character Olivia, nor even less Patricia Allison (Ola), who has decided to leave the series to dedicate himself to new career opportunities, nor Tanya Reynolds (Lily), who confirmed that the fourth season will focus on some characters and will have to leave out others – compared to the immense cast that populated the first three editions of the series.

Here comes another goodbye for Sex Education 4. Not even Rakhee Thakrar (Emily) returns as reported by TVLine on August 2, 2022. “I am not part of the new season. I can’t actually talk about why,” the actress tells the British newspaper Daily Star Sunday in early August 2022. “But I’m so proud of the series and grateful to have been part of something so important,” she continues.

Trailer di Sex Education 4

Tuesday 14 September, Netflix has released the trailer that previews a season full of new experiences. Sexual, personal growth, love, laughter, tears, friendship, and much more, such as Eric’s fantastic wardrobe, Jean’s return to work with a new boss (played by Hannah Gadsby), Adam’s on the farm, and Aimee’s art, and finally… Maeve returns to Moordale for her first real date with Otis.

Sex Education Episodes 4

All seasons of Sex Education so far they have been composed by eight episodes. Consequently, the fourth and final chapter also brings to the scene eight new episodes.

Sex Education 4 in streaming

In streaming, the fourth season will, once again, a Netflix exclusive. The streaming service of Reed Hastings is the client and distributor of the series in over 190 countries where it is active.