Murat Unalmis of Terra Amara guest at Verissimo

Murat Unalmis of Terra Amara guest at Verissimo

Bitter Earth is one of the most loved soap operas by the Canale 5 public and, for the first time, Murat Unalmis he allowed himself a stop in Italy in the studio of very true as a guest. Welcomed by Silvia Toffanithe actor he plays Demir Yaman in the Turkish television series he told some details of his professional and private life, as well as addressed some details relating to the soap opera.

Then: Murat Ünalmis (Demir) and Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in the following
Then: Murat Ünalmis (Demir) and Hilal Altinbilek (Züleyha) in the following “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

In Bitter Earth From the beginning he played Demir, husband of Zuleyha with whom he has always had conflicts. Constantly working against her as unworthy of her love, Demir was a major antagonist to Zuleyha, too in love with her to give up on her, even when it was clear she was infatuated with someone else. In the Canale 5 studio, Murat Unalmis told us, for example, what his relationships are with the rest of the cast of the soap opera.

Murat Unalmis talks to Silvia Toffanin

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According to what Murat Unalmis stated in the study by very trueil climate on the set of Bitter Earth it’s pleasant and everyone gets along. “If you don’t build good relationships, everything you do in front of the cameras doesn’t make much sense. Viewers do not perceive any emotion, in fact they are perfectly able to notice whether you are pretending or being genuine. So even if you have to play characters who clash, if you don’t build good relationships and there’s no chemistry you can’t convey that sincerity. I think this is precisely the reason why the series is so loved both in Italy and in the rest of the world“.

With Silvia Toffanin he also faced the death of Yilmaz in the Turkish soap opera, a scene that he defined as very strong. “It was really difficult to shoot it, interpret it and manage to convey emotions“. With Yilmaz’s death, Demir will also change. Murat Unalmis anticipated: “A moment of transformation will occur. Until that moment she wanted Yilmaz to disappear but when she finds herself faced with that possibility she will decide to save him despite her love for Zuleyha. It’s a very important scene“.

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