Murat Unalmis new girlfriend: who is she?

Murat Unalmis new girlfriend

Murat Unalmis in the studies of very true he allowed himself an unexpected confession that immediately intrigued the public. Fueling the gossip of the crime news, the interpreter of Demir Yaman in Bitter Earth he confessed to having one new girlfriend. A piece of news revealed to the microphones of Silvia Toffanion Sunday afternoon at Mediaset.

Murat Ünalmis (Demir) in a scene from
Murat Ünalmis (Demir) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

The actor plays Demir, Zuleyha’s husband in Bitter Earth, a character made mainly of shadows who tries in every possible way to thwart his wife’s happiness in the arms of another. In love with her even though he is aware that he is not reciprocated by her, Demir is unable to give her up to her Yilmaz. But, according to statements released to very trueit seems that after Yilmaz’s death an important change will also come for Demir in the Turkish soap opera.

Murat Unalmis is in love

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In addition to having told some details about the soap opera, from the previews about his character to the atmosphere on the set together with his other colleagues, Murat Unalmis also revealed an unpublished detail about his private life. Specifically, he admitted that there is one special person in his life and has even more value because it is the first time he has told it, especially in a television studio. Alla Toffanin said: “I’m saying it here for the first time: there is a person in my life. She’s not an actress, but she’s a former basketball player like me. She is therefore not part of my work today, but of my previous work“.

Very few details were revealed by the actor of the Turkish soap opera, who however clarified that he does not expect meetings on the small screen. Murat Unalmis’ new girlfriend she is not an actress. Thinking about the future, the actor told very true: “Family is one of my biggest dreams. I really believe in family because it gives a purpose to one’s existence. However, I think it is possible to create it only with the right person. God willing, I can’t wait“.

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