Men and Women: after the guest of Ida Platano and Alessandro, comes an eloquent gesture from Riccardo Guarnieri

Riccardo Guarnieri’s social move after the episode of Men and Women in which Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza were guests.

Last Tuesday they returned as guests Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza at Men and Womenwhich is right in the dating show of Maria De Filippi they met and fell in love, leaving the program together.

Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri: “That time to create solid foundations”, the former knight’s like on the story with Ida Platano

The couple told how their story is progressing while also announcing their desire to move in together. There plane tree she also spoke about her sentimental past which kept her tied to for some time Riccardo Guarnieri, the former Apulian knight currently absent from the program (Riccardo has been spotted in sweet company several times and is presumed to have gotten engaged). Ida he admitted that he was not at fault with Riccardo and a gesture from the latter immediately set the web buzzing.

The former knight has in fact put a like in a post that talked about his history with Ida and the time he would have liked to give himself to make their story work.

This is the post:

“Time. Our time, the right time, the time for everything and above all the time that ultimately explains everything. I believe that in yesterday’s episode, many things were explained, with a simplicity that years ago would have done infuriate almost the entire audience. In the past, it was a time required by Riccardo to create solid foundations, concrete affinities that went well beyond simple outings. In the past, that request for “time” was a confirmation of maturity in facing a love ( allow me to use this word when it really was).”

Then again:

“Of that time, however, there was a clash between the haste of acting impulsively on the one hand and the concreteness of “without haste” on the other. That time that was required to create what, with much less emotion, we saw yesterday: a construction of something that still seemed very tangled and unclear. In recent months I have received many messages, especially from all the fans who praised the ex-knight for a maturity that according to them Riccardo didn’t have. Well, I didn’t reply because I waited right until the just enough time to have my say, without any forcing. The answer came clear, clear, clear and evident yesterday, from those who still after “all the time and calm in the world” affirm that and I quote: “As long as I have the desire to see you it means that I love you; when I no longer have this desire…”, the conclusions are yours.”

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