Maria Corleone third episode: plot 27 September

Maria Corleone third episode, broadcast on 27 September on Canale 5

Penultimate appointment for Maria Corleone, broadcast for the first time on Canale 5 with the third episode. Rosa Diletta Rossi, Fortunato Cerlino and Alessandro Fella are the protagonists of this crime created by Taodue and Clemart in collaboration with RTI.

In the episodes of the drama debuting on September 13, Maria Corleone is torn between her present in the Milan of fashion and her origins; Maria’s family is among the most powerful mafia clans in Palermo. When an attack puts her life in jeopardy, Maria takes to the field to “defend the honor” of her family but – in doing so – risks compromising the safety of the child and her partner, the prosecutor Luca Spada. Below is the plot of the third episode broadcast on Wednesday 27 September in prime time starting at around 9.30pm on Canale 5.

Plot Maria Corleone episode 3

Maria returns to Milan to finally realize her dream: to create her own fashion brand that can triumph on the Milanese scene. A double facade, criminal and entrepreneurial, which Luca continues to investigate, torn between love and hatred for the woman he loved.

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Maria, although still in love with the man, decides to continue her criminal climb to remain faithful to her family and protect it from possible enemies. Yet Luca, being a prosecutor, is a man of the law and knows that he won’t be able to prevaricate much longer.

Previews of Maria Corleone third episode

Maria is making herself noticed, not only in the eyes of those loyal to the Corleone family. The success of Don Luciano’s daughter – especially after her exploits with her New York partners – is destined to generate envy and reprisals especially among the enemies of the Corleone clan.

This is how, in fact, Maria’s climb also attracts the attention of a powerful Calabrian family determined to hinder the advance of the young Corleone. The price to pay for Maria will be very high: in fact, following an attack, a person very close to her will lose her life.

Programming of Maria Corleone, when it airs

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The TV series will be broadcast – starting from 13 September – on Wednesdays in prime time and for the first time from around 9.25pm ​​on Canale 5. The eight episodes of the first season are broadcast by the Biscione flagship network over the course of four weeks. Below are the appointments – subject to changes in the schedule – to be marked in the calendar with the fiction with Rosa Diletta Rossi:

Maria Corleone in rerun, when and where to see the third episode

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In repeat, the episodes of the Mediaset and Taodue TV series are available on Mediaset Infinity, the video on demand platform that allows subscribers to watch the best of Mediaset programming from computers via browsers and in app format for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs .

Maria Corleone today’s episode

To watch the September 27th episode, you can tune in to Canale 5 starting at around 9.30pm, or alternatively connect to Mediaset at the same time to watch it in streaming.

Maria Corleone third episode live

The live episode of the drama is available starting from around 9.30pm on 27 September for the first time on Canale 5, or on Mediaset Infinity.

Maria Corleone third episode in streaming, where to see it

In streaming, the TV series starring Rosa Diletta Rossi, Fortunato Cerlino and Alessandro Fella is available on Mediaset Infinity in conjunction with its broadcast on Canale 5, starting on 13 September.

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